a text editor written in JAVA with on-fly spell checking


jeHEP uses several GNU-licensed components:
  1. The project was influenced by jEdit. In particular, I'm using jEdit TextArea components (from the old 2003 version). I've significantly modified this class to be able to use it with jMySpell, and also I have added a several features to it
  2. The project some classes from jMySpell.
  3. The project uses classes from the JabRef project. I had to modify the old JabRef package (1.31) to be able to include to jeHEP
  4. Many classes for color syntax highlighting were taken from the Jext project
  5. jeHEP uses LatexTools Beanshell macro developed for jEdit (this is still a test version).
  6. JythonShell was created on the basis of JyConsole by Artenum,
  7. Finally, I was most influenced by the simplicity of the jpEdit editor. Many features are taken from it.
  8. Look and feel is based upon Liquidlnf and JGoodies and therefore subject to their  license
  9. Several icons are from Gnome/Eclipse and therefore subject to its license.

maintained by S.Chekanov: