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    1 <html><!-- Created using the cpp_pretty_printer from the dlib C++ library.  See http://dlib.net for updates. --><head><title>dlib C++ Library - iosockstream.h</title></head><body bgcolor='white'><pre>
    2 <font color='#009900'>// Copyright (C) 2012  Davis E. King (davis@dlib.net)
    3 </font><font color='#009900'>// License: Boost Software License   See LICENSE.txt for the full license.
    4 </font><font color='#0000FF'>#ifndef</font> DLIB_IOSOCkSTREAM_H_h_
    5 <font color='#0000FF'>#define</font> DLIB_IOSOCkSTREAM_H_h_
    7 <font color='#0000FF'>#include</font> "<a style='text-decoration:none' href='iosockstream/iosockstream.h.html'>iosockstream/iosockstream.h</a>"
   10 <font color='#0000FF'>#endif</font> <font color='#009900'>// DLIB_IOSOCkSTREAM_H_h_
   11 </font>
   14 </pre></body></html>