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    1 I'm looking for new features to add! If you think of any send them to me at 
    2 	alecthomas@mail.com
    4 02/07/01
    5   One week until I head off for a journey across Europe. This will mean that
    6   no bugfixes or other enhancements will be made to devtodo for approximately
    7   three or four months.
    9 13/04/01
   10   Many, many new features and fixes in 0.1.4. I'm also simultaneously working
   11   on the next major revision which will allow databases to be linked together,
   12   allow for much more useful filtering and reporting, etc. Basically, a major
   13   overhaul.
   15   Minor disaster where I tried --no-sync and it promptly removed my entire
   16   database for todo! I rebuilt it, sort of, from TODO. Ironic really.
   18 17/03/01
   19   I've started compiling todo on the sourceforge compile farm, so it's now
   20   been successfully compiled on Debian, Slackware, Solaris 2.8 and FreeBSD.
   22   I'd also like to give a heartfelt thanks to the guys at Sourceforge and
   23   VA Linux for contributing such a valuable resource to the community.