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    1 <?xml version="1.0"?>
    2 <todo version="0.1.19">
    3     <title>
    4         devtodo - hierarchical task list
    5     </title>
    6     <note priority="medium" time="0" done="987027026">
    7         Allow user to specify defaults in ~/.todorc. Format could be something like: &lt;option&gt; &lt;value&gt; - identical to command line args but without the prefixed '--'.
    8     </note>
    9     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   10         Add facility to 'graft' an added note onto an existing one.
   11     </note>
   12     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   13         Add facility to change the file used as the input database. Perhaps --database &lt;file&gt;. This could be put in the ~/.todorc to make it permanent.
   14         <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987887664">
   15             Ended up with two new options: --database &lt;relative file&gt; and --fallback-database &lt;absolute file&gt;. The first is used to change the default database from .todo to whatever while the second one is used to specify a fallback database file to use if no other can be found.
   16         </note>
   17     </note>
   18     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   19         Add sub-tasks (1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1, etc.). Might have to add an index attribute to each item, which would be a floating point number.
   20         <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987887671">
   21             In the end, it didn't require adding an index attribute.
   22         </note>
   23     </note>
   24     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   25         Add support for TODORC environment variable (courtesy, Claude)
   26     </note>
   27     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   28         Add version checking so that if an older version uses a newer version database, it warns the user. Probably only major/medium version number checking needs to be done?
   29     </note>
   30     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027043">
   31         Allow branches to be reparented: --reparent &lt;index&gt; &lt;newparent&gt;
   32     </note>
   33     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027043">
   34         Automatically derive child item priority from parent item.
   35     </note>
   36     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   37         Change SYNTAX section in man page to SYNPOSIS (courtesy, Arthur Korn)
   38     </note>
   39     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   40         Chase down other temporary string bugs - I'm fairly sure there will be a few in there :( Found another one and squashed it.
   41     </note>
   42     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   43         Compile for different platforms on cf.sourceforge.net
   44         <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="994178467">
   45             FreeBSD compile has problems with regex - getting empty strings?
   46         </note>
   47     </note>
   48     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   49         Do something other than fail on compile, if readline is not linkable.
   50     </note>
   51     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   52         Expand environment variables in ~/.todorc parsed strings. Useful for 'fallback-database $HOME/.todo'
   53     </note>
   54     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   55         Fix bug where pressing ^D to end input of a priority or text causes a seg-fault (courtesy, Matt Kraai)
   56     </note>
   57     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   58         Fix indenting weirdness.
   59     </note>
   60     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   61         Fix man page so that -r is no longer present, to reflect removal of this option (courtesy, Arthur Korn)
   62     </note>
   63     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   64         Fix multiple items being specified as seperate arguments always defaulting to last argument (courtesy, Arthur Korn)
   65     </note>
   66     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027026">
   67         Fix problem where todo won't access third teir items: 1.1.x
   68     </note>
   69     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   70         Fix up some minor man page problems
   71     </note>
   72     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   73         Instead of deleting items on tdr, mark them as done? Or have a new option "-d|--done" (tdd) for this?
   74     </note>
   75     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   76         Make -s (strip symbols) optional through --configure.
   77         <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="994178472">
   78             Also, use -g -Wall when debugging and use -DNDEBUG when not debugging.
   79         </note>
   80     </note>
   81     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   82         Make some man pages.
   83         <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987887707">
   84             Figure out how to generate man pages. Probably have to download some source code as an example.
   85         </note>
   86         <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987887707">
   87             Possibly learn how to use SGML? Or get some front-end that uses it. That would make it easier to generate other backends simultaneously, like .html and .man, from the one source.
   88         </note>
   89     </note>
   90     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
   91         Remove explicitly set CXXFLAGS in configure.in before releasing.
   92     </note>
   93     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027043">
   94         Sort items after editing so that the correct order is maintained.
   95     </note>
   96     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="1002595646">
   97         Use some sort of template string for formatting output. For example, '%i%f%2n.%T' would generate the default display.
   98         <note priority="medium" time="987033135" done="987887698">
   99             %&lt;n?i: indent to current depth; &lt;n&gt; is the number of spaces per indent level and defaults to 4
  100         </note>
  101         <note priority="medium" time="987033255" done="987887698">
  102             %T is the item text, which wraps and indents to the depth the item started at
  103         </note>
  104         <note priority="medium" time="987033268" done="987887698">
  105             %t is unwrapped text
  106         </note>
  107         <note priority="medium" time="987033283" done="987887698">
  108             %p is the priority
  109         </note>
  110         <note priority="medium" time="987033395" done="987887698">
  111             %d is the date (formatted according to --format-date)
  112         </note>
  113         <note priority="medium" time="987180915" done="987887698">
  114             %n is the index number of the item
  115         </note>
  116         <note priority="medium" time="987180954" done="987887698">
  117             %f is the state flag (+ means children, - means done, * means children and done)
  118         </note>
  119     </note>
  120     <note priority="medium" time="980645036" done="987027202">
  121         Validate arguments from ~/.todorc. It's not good to be able to put --add or --reparent in there. There should really only be a couple available: verbose, colour, etc.
  122     </note>
  123     <note priority="verylow" time="980645036">
  124         Add facility to extract TODO entries in source code into .todo database. Perhaps an external script or something would be better?
  125         <note priority="verylow" time="980645036">
  126             Could be done with an option to the root node, such as: &lt;todo mirror="true"&gt;
  127         </note>
  128     </note>
  129     <note priority="verylow" time="980645036">
  130         Minor bug where items with sub-items that are all marked done still get a + when children are filtered out.
  131     </note>
  132     <note priority="high" time="987027358" done="987210991">
  133         Allow sorting in a variety of ways. One example of the usefulness of this is to sort done items after not done items - makes it easier to seperate them visually. Another example is sorting by finished date, created date, lifespan of item, etc.
  134         <note priority="high" time="987181145" done="987887619">
  135             a prefix of '-' will mean sort descending, '+' means sort ascending
  136         </note>
  137         <note priority="high" time="987181280" done="987887619">
  138             Valid sort keys are
  139             <note priority="high" time="987181204" done="987887648">
  140                 created - sort on created time
  141             </note>
  142             <note priority="high" time="987181213" done="987887648">
  143                 completed - sort on completed time
  144             </note>
  145             <note priority="high" time="987181261" done="987887648">
  146                 text - sort on text
  147             </note>
  148             <note priority="high" time="987181269" done="987887648">
  149                 priority - sort on priority
  150             </note>
  151             <note priority="high" time="987181480" done="987887648">
  152                 duration - sort on time item was open
  153             </note>
  154             <note priority="high" time="987181597" done="987887648">
  155                 done - sort on whether an item is done or not
  156             </note>
  157         </note>
  158         <note priority="high" time="987181770" done="987887619">
  159             eg. This is the default behaviour: todo --sort done,priority,-created
  160         </note>
  161     </note>
  162     <note priority="low" time="987034479" done="987180061">
  163         Warn if database is created with world or group read/write permissions.
  164     </note>
  165     <note priority="verylow" time="987181399" done="994178421">
  166         If a sub-sub-item needs to be expanded and you are filtering with '-children' you have to first expand the parent then the child. This is probably not expected behaviour.
  167     </note>
  168     <note priority="low" time="987182780" done="987293958">
  169         Allow formatting of time in --verbose display.
  170     </note>
  171     <note priority="medium" time="987187139">
  172         Add new filter options 'created=&lt;date&gt;[-&lt;date&gt;|,&lt;date&gt;]', 'completed=&lt;date&gt;[-&lt;date&gt;|,&lt;date&gt;]' and 'duration=&lt;time&gt;' to filtering code.
  173     </note>
  174     <note priority="medium" time="987188566">
  175         Add a 'current' marker to items? ie. mark the item you are currently working on so that it is easier to determine.
  176     </note>
  177     <note priority="high" time="987554480" done="987554583">
  178         Default to medium priority if a blank line is entered in the priority input (thanks to Alexei Gilchrist).
  179     </note>
  180     <note priority="veryhigh" time="987554520" done="987861021">
  181         Fix performance problems! (Alexei Gilchrist has reported &gt;= 16 seconds on a file less than 20K. Not good.)
  182         <note priority="veryhigh" time="987628779" done="987640630">
  183             One problem was getline(string) - this is very slow. Changed it to use in.getline(char*, int) and it profiled a LOT faster.
  184         </note>
  185         <note priority="veryhigh" time="987628813" done="987640630">
  186             Use of Lexer::iterator::operator ++ (int) - this causes a copy of the entire iterator - bad.
  187         </note>
  188         <note priority="veryhigh" time="987629226" done="987640630">
  189             Added buffering code in XML::getBody - it *was* basically appending every single character individually - slow.
  190         </note>
  191         <note priority="veryhigh" time="987630068" done="987640630">
  192             Instead of reading entire database with getline(in, str) I now use the size returned by stat to pre-allocate a buffer and load it into that.
  193         </note>
  194     </note>
  195     <note priority="high" time="987554577" done="988586079">
  196         Add --global-database &lt;file&gt; and -G/--global option to use it. Replaces clunky --fallback-database semantics. Thanks again to Alexei Gilchrist.
  197     </note>
  198     <note priority="low" time="987554607" done="988071870">
  199         Re-add numbered priorities for speedy entry. Alexei Gilchrist bought this up as an idea.
  200     </note>
  201     <note priority="medium" time="987554720">
  202         Adding optional "hidden" notes to notes. Kind of like annotations. Invoke an external editor for this facility? (idea courtesy of Alexei Gilchrist).
  203         <comment>
  204             I have added a comment field for each item, as evidenced by this.
  205         </comment>
  206     </note>
  207     <note priority="low" time="987556665">
  208         Some sort of integration with CVS would be cool. Maybe you could do: "todo --cvs-commit" and it would commit to CVS using all the completed TODO items since the last commit as the change notes. That would be exceptionally cool.
  209     </note>
  210     <note priority="high" time="987639265" done="987821157">
  211         Go binary? This would definitely make it run a lot faster...but is that actually where the bottleneck is? (Well, this was definitely the bottleneck)
  212     </note>
  213     <note priority="veryhigh" time="987673942" done="988628559">
  214         Add --timeout &lt;n&gt; to only show database if shown more than &lt;n&gt; seconds ago.
  215     </note>
  216     <note priority="medium" time="987715214">
  217         Add encryption using crash::Encrypt classes. This will probably require MIME support, or something similar, in order to actually store the resultant binary information.
  218         <comment>
  219             I have Base64 stream support, so this would be trivial now.
  220         </comment>
  221         <note priority="medium" time="987882179">
  222             Alternatively, just pass the encryption stream to the database saving routine. This would require rewriting the Loaders interface (again).
  223         </note>
  224     </note>
  225     <note priority="medium" time="987723307">
  226         Add per-database options - brilliant for changing views on different databases.
  227         <note priority="medium" time="988071964">
  228             Problem with this is that the options are parsed *before* the database is loaded, which would probably mean reloading the database to have the new options take effect.
  229         </note>
  230     </note>
  231     <note priority="veryhigh" time="987864991" done="987866368">
  232         Add backing up of database (--backup [&lt;n&gt;], where &lt;n&gt; is the number of backups to keep).
  233     </note>
  234     <note priority="medium" time="988583933">
  235         Add percentage completions?
  236     </note>
  237     <note priority="medium" time="988585139">
  238         i18n support?
  239     </note>
  240     <note priority="medium" time="988628849" done="988671949">
  241         Detect terminal width and use that instead of hardwired 80 characters.
  242     </note>
  243     <note priority="medium" time="988727782">
  244         Rewrite filtering code so it's generic (as the sorting code is).
  245     </note>
  246     <note priority="medium" time="989159408">
  247         Write functions to do envar expansion, C string escaping, etc.
  248     </note>
  249     <note priority="high" time="989597943" done="993654280">
  250         Add search facility. This could be done as a filter: todo --filter /string, which would make it simple when ommitting the '--filter': todo /string.
  251     </note>
  252     <note priority="high" time="990555168">
  253         Change everything to be an attribute (except, perhaps, the item body). This will allow things like timers and so forth (eg. todo --add-attrib 'start=%D').
  254         <note priority="veryhigh" time="989408664">
  255             Timed events. eg. todo --set text="This is funny"@07/03/2001-10:53 12 ... this would change the text of item 12 to "This is funny" on the 07/03/2001 at 10:53 in the morning.
  256         </note>
  257         <note priority="high" time="1040227861" done="1040227866">
  258             This is a test
  259         </note>
  260     </note>
  261     <note priority="low" time="994279770">
  262         Evaluate filters on first use rather than on read. This will allow wildcard filters to actually work.
  263     </note>
  264     <note priority="medium" time="1002204052">
  265         Categories - optionally assign a note a category, then you can filter on that category.
  266     </note>
  267     <note priority="medium" time="1002594023">
  268         Make priority names and number of them user-defineable.
  269     </note>
  270     <note priority="veryhigh" time="1003071835">
  271         Fix situation where doing "todo -r -5" goes into an endless loop.
  272     </note>
  273     <note priority="veryhigh" time="1036076001">
  274         Fix problems with * expansion. It doesn't appear to work at all...
  275     </note>
  276 </todo>