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deheader project news
1.10: 2023-02-17

Fix error in Makefile iunstall production. Add two missing funtions from net.if.h Cleanup foor modern pylint.

1.9: 2023-01-30

Work on non-UTF inputs under Python 3. Make must now specify how to subsitute in a make target.

1.8: 2022-01-28

Change shebang to Python 3, required by a recent Ubuntu action.

1.7: 2020-08-12

Use modern GCC error format for failure messages. Fix filename of header for (f)statvfs.

1.6: 2016-09-30

Fix bug that prevented the -b option from being interpreted. Acknowledge Debian bug #839179: keywords in comments not ignored.

1.5: 2016-09-27

exit(1) if unneeded includes are detected (useful in Makefiles).

1.4: 2016-09-01

Now runs polyglot under either Python 2 or Python 3 Added assert() to requirements.

1.3 @ 2016-01-12

When compilation fails, also try it directly inside subdirectories.

1.2 @ 2015-07-18

Notice preprocessor directives with whitespace after the hash-mark

1.1 @ 2015-01-26

Allow --version on the command line. Fix up the regression tests.

1.0 @ 2014-06-03

Added --quiet option.

0.8 @ 2013-09-14

Minor documentation fixes.

0.7 @ 2013-01-22

Accept .cc as an extension as well as .cpp.

0.6 @ 2011-02-10

Add the return-status macros from sys/wait.h to the portability list.

0.5 @ 2010-12-22

Source is now checked against all SuS portability requirements. There is an option to exclude files by pattern.

0.4 @ 2010-12-20

Script now removes generated objects. Duplicate inclusions are now detected. Absence of some headers required for portability is now detected.

0.3 @ 2010-12-09

Add a dependencies table to head off common cross-platform problems.

0.2 @ 2010-12-02

Make the last line of output a statistical summary. Document some limitations.

0.1 @ 2010-12-01

Initial release.