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    1 In order to install dbg server part follow instructions below.
    3 - Have dbg unpacked in any directory OUT of tree of php sources. For example,
    4   in $HOME/dbg
    6 - Make sure you have compiled and installed php engine. If you use 
    7   pre-compiled php, do not forget to install php-devel package and 
    8   make sure php-config is intalled.
   10 - run "configure", then "make" command like below (don't forget to supply a 
   11   valid path to php-config):
   13 $./configure --enable-dbg=shared \
   14             --with-dbg-profiler \
   15 	    --with-php-config=/path/to/php-config \
   16 	    --prefix=/usr/lib/php4
   17 $make
   18 $make install
   21 NOTE: your system may have php extensions installed into a different directory,
   22       please check phpinfo output and update --prefix accordingly
   24 NOTE: I do not recommend to install php :) In other words I'd recommend to 
   25       avoid running make install for PHP. On many systems it will strip down 
   26       symbol table and installed executable (or shared object such as 
   27       php5apache.so) will be ABSOLUTELY USELESS because it will FAIL to load 
   28       ANY php extension compiled as shared object and in particular this 
   29       debugger too. To check if your php binary (or php shared object 
   30       php5apache.so or php5apache2.so) is not stripped off, just run
   31       nm <filname> and it will either print out its symbol table or 
   32       inform you that it's stripped away.
   35 - edit php.ini
   36   find list of extension= entries and add a line like below
   38 extension=dbg.so
   40 NOTE: if you have extensions like ZendOptimizer, do not use extension=dbg.so, 
   41       please add dbg like shown below:
   43       zend_extension=/path/to/dbg.so
   44       zend_extension=/path/to/zendoptimizer.so
   46       (Windows users: zend_extension_ts should be used instead of 
   47       zend_extension)
   48       line with dbg.so should appear before any other zend_extension entries!
   49       Do not forget to comment out zend extension manager. It will try to
   50       load zendoptimizer twice and will bring you annoying messages about it.
   51       (What a stupid mistake!)
   53 - add the following section in the end of php.ini:
   55 [Debugger]
   56 debugger.enabled=on
   57 debugger.profiler_enabled=on
   59 NOTE: this is free version of debugger and unlike the commercial one, it 
   60       will NOT support IP security. In other words, debugger.hosts_allow, 
   61       debugger.hosts_deny and debugger.ports will make NO sense. If you want 
   62       to install it on a production server, you'd take care.
   64 NOTE: extenion=dbg.so or zend_extension=/path/to/dbg.so must appear BEFORE
   65       the debugger settings, or they will not have any effect.
   68 - restart web server (if it is Apache, use /etc/init.d/httpd restart or 
   69   service httpd restart)
   71 - create and run new php script file with a call to phpinfo() function and 
   72   make sure that dbg is listed twice: one time in the topmost header and 
   73   one more time in its own DBG section.
   76 Enjoy.