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1 Localised month and weekday names

All tools of the dateutils suite support ‘--from-locale=LOC’ to globally declare that input with named specifiers uses names from LOC.

Tools that output absolute date/times also allow ‘--locale=LOC’ to globally declare that output with named specifiers is to be expressed using names from LOC.

Inspired by ISO 15897, we use the ‘language_TERRITORY’ notation for ‘LOC’, the encoding is always UTF-8 and hence the encoding part in the ‘LOC’ notation is omitted.

To be independent of system support locales in dateutils are provided by the ‘locale’ file (shipped), a simple tab separated text file: following the locale identifier line (‘xx_XX’) is the line of abbreviated weekday names (‘%a’) of which there must be 7 corresponding to Mon, Tue, ..., followed by long weekday names (‘%A’), followed by abbreviated month names (‘%b’) of which there must be 12 corresponding to Jan, Feb, ..., followed last by the long month names (‘%B’).

The environment variable ‘LOCALE_FILE’ can be used to override the default location.

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