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LLVM LNT / Test-Suite Integration

Recommended reading materials


Getting it done

# Get external dependencies.
git clone https://github.com/llvm/llvm-lnt.git /build/lnt
git clone https://github.com/llvm/llvm-test-suite.git /build/test-suite
# 'Add' RawSpeed into test-suite.
ln -s /home/lebedevri/rawspeed/lnt /build/test-suite/RawSpeed
# Prepare 'chroot'.
export SANDBOX=/tmp/mysandbox
export BUILDSANDBOX=/tmp/mybuildsandbox
export PERFDB=/tmp/myperfdb
virtualenv $SANDBOX
# Setup 'chroot'.
$SANDBOX/bin/python /build/lnt/setup.py develop
$SANDBOX/bin/lnt create $PERFDB
# Benchmarking time!
$SANDBOX/bin/lnt runtest test_suite --test-suite /build/test-suite \
    --sandbox $BUILDSANDBOX \
    --cc clang --cxx clang++ \
    --cmake-define CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release \
    --cmake-define TEST_SUITE_SUBDIRS="RawSpeed" \
    [--benchmarking-only] \
    [--use-perf profile] \
    --build-threads 8 --threads 1 \
    --submit $PERFDB
# View results.
$SANDBOX/bin/lnt runserver $PERFDB

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