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    1     - remove image from group before removing/deleting it. [done]
    2     - add duplicates to the same group as the original image. [done]
    4 'G' off:
    5 ========
    7     - display all images. [done]
    8     - draw a border around all the images in the group when hovering over an image with the mouse. [done]
    9     - merge border of adjacent images. [done]
   10     - add config option whether border is to be painted or not. [done]
   11     - disable grouping accels (ctrl-g, ctrl-shift-g) so that people don't hide their images where they won't find them again without noticing. [done]
   13 'G' on:
   14 =======
   16     - only display a single image ("representative") from each group. [done]
   17     - show the 'G' in a corner of the thumbnail. [done]
   18     - expand the group temporarily when clicking the 'G'. [done]
   19     - when expanding a group while another group is already expanded, then also collapse the latter. [done]
   20     - show the 'G' for all images in a temporarily expanded group. [done]
   21     - draw the border around the images of the temporarily expanded group as if grouping was turned off, just in a different color. [done]
   22     - highlight the 'G' for the representative ... [done]
   23     - ... and when clicking the 'G' of another image in the expanded group, then this image shall become the representative. [done]
   24     - collapse the group when clicking the 'G' of the representative. [done]
   25 - ctrl/shift clicking the 'G' of a group selects all the images in the group. [done for expanded groups]
   26     - when a group is expanded and another image is selected, then this image can be joined to the group by ctrl-g. [done]
   27     - when multiple images are selected and no group is expanded, then ctrl-g will merge them into a new group. [done]
   28     - remove an image with ctrl-shift-g from a group. [done]
   29     - an image is the representative of the group iff id == group_id. [done]
   30     - expand the group after creating a duplicate and adding it. [done]
   32 TODO:
   33 =====
   34 - rating/rejecting an image does the same to all images in the group iff the group is collapsed.