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    1 Transdiffer
    2 ===========
    4 This little tool is used to diff a list of i18n files to see if they
    5 have been updated between two svn revisions.
    7    >> Note: you'll probably need to make the tool executable using
    8             chmod u+x tools/i18ncheck/transdiffer
   10 Usage : 
   12 transdiffer <old-revision> <new-revision> <out-file>
   14 The transdiffer expects to receive a list of files that it should check for
   15 differences, the list is provided through the stdin. Such a list is
   16 available in the file i18_list.txt. This file has been compiled in such a
   17 manner that you need to run tool in the root of your daisy checkout.
   19 This is the typical usage:
   21 cat tools/i18ncheck/i18n-list.txt | tools/i18ncheck/transdiffer old new i18n-request-email.txt
   23 After the transdiffer has checked for changes it will fill the out-file with
   24 diffs of the changed files.
   26    >> Note: the process of checking for changes can take while