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    1 Daisy Windows Installer
    2 =======================
    4 Intro
    5 -----
    7 The Daisy Windows installer starts from a binary Daisy distribution
    8 and creates a Windows installer for it.
    9 To build a binary Daisy distribution, see ../core/README.txt
   10 (alternatively, download an existing one)
   12 Building instructions
   13 ---------------------
   15 *  Download and install the latest NSIS release from
   16    http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Download
   18    Add the installation main directory your Windows PATH variable
   20 *  Copy all dll-files inside the directory 'plugins' to the directory
   21    'Plugins' of your NSIS installation.
   23 *  Copy the file installer/settings.nsh.template to installer/settings.nsh
   24    and open it in an editor of your choice.
   25    - Look for the Section 'File locations' at the very top and adjust
   26    the variables defined there.
   27    - Make sure the values for APP_VERSION and APP_SERIES_KEY are correct
   29    If you want to produce the bundled version:
   30    Download the latest binaries of JRE, JAI and MySQL to a directory of
   31    your choice. Adapt the variable FILES_BINARIES_BUNDLE so that it
   32    points to that directory.
   34 *  Open a windows command prompt and change to the directory 'installer'
   35    Issue the following command:
   37    makensis daisy.nsi
   39    This compiler run will produce the installer executable (in the
   40    current directory).
   42    If you want to produce the bundled version, issue:   
   44    makensis /DSETUPTYPE_BUNDLE="Bundled installer" daisy.nsi
   46    Alternatively, you can use the Compiler GUI MakeNSISW, which may
   47    be invoked by right-clicking on the daisy.nsi.