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    1 This directory contains the sources of the Daisy import/export tools.
    2 See the Daisy documentation for more information on these.
    6                               - o -
    9 Information in case the tools need to be updated because new schema or
   10 document attributes have been introduced.
   11 ======================================================================
   13 First of all you need to know that the import and export tools don't
   14 read/write directly from the repository objects to the export data (XML),
   15 but there is an extra object model in between, which we'll call
   16 the intermediary object model. This intermediary object model allows
   17 manipulation of the entities before import or export.
   19 There are various things which need adjusting when a the structure
   20 of the schema or documents is changed:
   22  - the intermediary object model, found in the package
   23     org.outerj.daisy.tools.importexport.model
   25  - the Xmlizer classes which convert from the intermediary object
   26    model to XML
   28  - the Dexmlizer classes which convert from XML to the intermediary
   29    object model
   31  - The Factory classes which convert from repository objects to
   32    the intermediary object model.
   34  - The SchemaLoader or DocumentLoader which copy from the intermediary
   35    object model to the actual repository objects.
   37 After updating, an interesting exercise is to do an export of a
   38 repository, and then import it again in the same repository.
   39 Then check the export summary, it should say everywhere
   40 "no-update-needed". Likewise, do an import twice to an empty
   41 target repository, the second time it should also say
   42 "no-update-needed" for everything.
   44 In case schema objects were or were not updated, contrary to what
   45 was expected, make sure the "equals" methods of FieldTypeImpl,
   46 PartTypeImpl, etc. (including contained objects such as
   47 selection lists) are correctly implemented.