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    1 Short: v
    2 Long: verbose
    3 Mutexed: trace trace-ascii
    4 Help: Make the operation more talkative
    5 See-also: include
    6 ---
    7 Makes curl verbose during the operation. Useful for debugging and seeing
    8 what's going on "under the hood". A line starting with '>' means "header data"
    9 sent by curl, '<' means "header data" received by curl that is hidden in
   10 normal cases, and a line starting with '*' means additional info provided by
   11 curl.
   13 If you only want HTTP headers in the output, --include might be the option
   14 you're looking for.
   16 If you think this option still doesn't give you enough details, consider using
   17 --trace or --trace-ascii instead.
   19 Use --silent to make curl really quiet.