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    1 Long: quote
    2 Short: Q
    3 Help: Send command(s) to server before transfer
    4 Protocols: FTP SFTP
    5 ---
    7 Send an arbitrary command to the remote FTP or SFTP server. Quote commands are
    8 sent BEFORE the transfer takes place (just after the initial PWD command in an
    9 FTP transfer, to be exact). To make commands take place after a successful
   10 transfer, prefix them with a dash '-'.  To make commands be sent after curl
   11 has changed the working directory, just before the transfer command(s), prefix
   12 the command with a '+' (this is only supported for FTP). You may specify any
   13 number of commands.
   15 If the server returns failure for one of the commands, the entire operation
   16 will be aborted. You must send syntactically correct FTP commands as RFC 959
   17 defines to FTP servers, or one of the commands listed below to SFTP servers.
   19 Prefix the command with an asterisk (*) to make curl continue even if the
   20 command fails as by default curl will stop at first failure.
   22 This option can be used multiple times.
   24 SFTP is a binary protocol. Unlike for FTP, curl interprets SFTP quote commands
   25 itself before sending them to the server.  File names may be quoted
   26 shell-style to embed spaces or special characters.  Following is the list of
   27 all supported SFTP quote commands:
   28 .RS
   29 .IP "chgrp group file"
   30 The chgrp command sets the group ID of the file named by the file operand to
   31 the group ID specified by the group operand. The group operand is a decimal
   32 integer group ID.
   33 .IP "chmod mode file"
   34 The chmod command modifies the file mode bits of the specified file. The
   35 mode operand is an octal integer mode number.
   36 .IP "chown user file"
   37 The chown command sets the owner of the file named by the file operand to the
   38 user ID specified by the user operand. The user operand is a decimal
   39 integer user ID.
   40 .IP "ln source_file target_file"
   41 The ln and symlink commands create a symbolic link at the target_file location
   42 pointing to the source_file location.
   43 .IP "mkdir directory_name"
   44 The mkdir command creates the directory named by the directory_name operand.
   45 .IP "pwd"
   46 The pwd command returns the absolute pathname of the current working directory.
   47 .IP "rename source target"
   48 The rename command renames the file or directory named by the source
   49 operand to the destination path named by the target operand.
   50 .IP "rm file"
   51 The rm command removes the file specified by the file operand.
   52 .IP "rmdir directory"
   53 The rmdir command removes the directory entry specified by the directory
   54 operand, provided it is empty.
   55 .IP "symlink source_file target_file"
   56 See ln.
   57 .RE