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    1 Simple example how to use libcryptsetup
    2 for password search.
    4 Run: crypt_dict luks|tcrypt <device|image> <dictionary> [cpus]
    6 luks|tcrypt specified device type (LUKS or TrueCrypt)
    8 <device|image> is LUKS or TrueCrypt device or image
   10 <dictionary> is list of passphrases to try
   11 (note trailing EOL is stripped)
   13 cpus - number of processes to start in parallel
   15 Format of dictionary file is simple one password per line,
   16 if first char on line is # it is skipped as comment.
   18 For LUKS, you have it run as root (device-mapper cannot
   19 create dmcrypt devices as nrmal user. Code need
   20 to map keyslots as temporary dmcrypt device.)
   22 For TrueCrypt devices root privilege is not required.