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    1 Cryptsetup 2.4.2 Release Notes
    2 ==============================
    3 Stable bug-fix release.
    5 All users of cryptsetup 2.4.1 should upgrade to this version.
    7 Changes since version 2.4.1
    8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   10 * Fix possible large memory allocation if LUKS2 header size is invalid.
   11   LUKS2 code read the full header to buffer to verify the checksum.
   12   The maximal supported header size now limits the memory allocation.
   14 * Fix memory corruption in debug message printing LUKS2 checksum.
   16 * veritysetup: remove link to the UUID library for the static build.
   18 * Remove link to pwquality library for integritysetup and veritysetup.
   19   These tools do not read passphrases.
   21 * OpenSSL3 backend: avoid remaining deprecated calls in API.
   22   Crypto backend no longer use API deprecated in OpenSSL 3.0
   25 * Check if kernel device-mapper create device failed in an early phase.
   26   This happens when a concurrent creation of device-mapper devices
   27   meets in the very early state.
   29 * Do not set compiler optimization flag for Argon2 KDF if the memory
   30   wipe is implemented in libc.
   32 * Do not attempt to unload LUKS2 tokens if external tokens are disabled.
   33   This allows building a static binary with  --disable-external-tokens.
   35 * LUKS convert: also check sysfs for device activity.
   36   If udev symlink is missing, code fallbacks to sysfs scan to prevent
   37   data corruption for the active device.