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    1 Cryptsetup 2.4.1 Release Notes
    2 ==============================
    3 Stable bug-fix release with minor extensions.
    5 All users of cryptsetup 2.4.0 should upgrade to this version.
    7 Changes since version 2.4.0
    8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   10 * Fix compilation for libc implementations without dlvsym().
   12   Some alternative libc implementations (like musl) do not provide
   13   versioned symbols dlvsym function. Code now fallbacks to dlsym
   14   operation for dynamic LUKS2 token load.
   15   It is up to maintainers to ensure that LUKS2 token plugins are
   16   compiled for the supported version.
   18 * Fix compilation and tests on systems with non-standard libraries
   19   (standalone argp library, external gettext library, BusyBox
   20   implementations of standard tools).
   22 * Try to workaround some issues on systems without udev support.
   23   NOTE: non-udev systems cannot provide all functionality for kernel
   24   device-mapper, and some operations can fail.
   26 * Fixes for OpenSSL3 crypto backend (including FIPS mode).
   27   Because cryptsetup still requires some hash functions implemented
   28   in OpenSSL3 legacy provider, crypto backend now uses its library
   29   context and tries to load both default and legacy OpenSSL3 providers.
   31   If FIPS mode is detected, no library context is used, and it is up
   32   to the OpenSSL system-wide policy to load proper providers.
   34   NOTE: We still use some deprecated API in the OpenSSL3 backend,
   35   and there are some known problems in OpenSSL 3.0.0.
   37 * Print error message when assigning a token to an inactive keyslot.
   39 * Fix offset bug in LUKS2 encryption code if --offset option was used.
   41 * Do not allow LUKS2 decryption for devices with data offset.
   42   Such devices cannot be used after decryption.
   44 * Fix LUKS1 cryptsetup repair command for some specific problems.
   45   Repair code can now fix wrongly used initialization vector
   46   specification in ECB mode (that is insecure anyway!) and repair
   47   the upper-case hash specification in the LUKS1 header.