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    1 Cryptsetup 2.2.2 Release Notes
    2 ==============================
    3 Stable bug-fix release.
    5 All users of cryptsetup 2.1 and 2.2 should upgrade to this version.
    7 Changes since version 2.2.1
    8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   10 * Print error message if a keyslot open failed for a different reason
   11   than wrong passwords (for example there is not enough memory).
   12   Only an exit code was present in this case.
   14 * The progress function switches unit sizes (B/s to GiB/s) according
   15   to the actual speed. Also, it properly calculates speed in the case
   16   of a resumed reencryption operation.
   18 * The --version now supports short -V short option and better handles
   19   common option priorities.
   21 * If cryptsetup wipes signatures during format actions through blkid,
   22   it also prints signature device offsets.
   24 * Compilation now properly uses LTLIBINTL gettext setting in Makefiles.
   26 * Device-mapper backend now supports new DM_GET_TARGET_VERSION ioctl
   27   (available since Linux kernel 5.4).
   28   This should help to detect some kernel/userspace incompatibilities
   29   earlier later after a failed device activation.
   31 * Fixes LUKS2 reencryption on systems without kernel keyring.
   33 * Fixes unlocking prompt for partitions mapped through loop devices
   34   (to properly show the backing device).
   36 * For LUKS2 decryption, a device is now marked for deferred removal
   37   to be automatically deactivated.
   39 * Reencryption now limits hotzone size to be maximal 1 GiB or 1/4
   40   system memory (if lower).
   42 * Reencryption now retains activation flags during online reencryption.
   44 * Reencryption now allows LUKS2 device to activate device right after
   45   LUKS2 encryption is initialized through optional active device name
   46   for cryptsetup reencrypt --encrypt command.
   47   This could help with automated encryption during boot.
   49   NOTE: It means that part of the device is still not encrypted during
   50   activation. Use with care!
   52 * Fixes failure in resize and plain format activation if activated device
   53   size was not aligned to underlying logical device size.
   55 * Fixes conversion to LUKS2 format with detached header if a detached
   56   header size was smaller than the expected aligned LUKS1 header size.