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    1 Cryptsetup 1.7.5 Release Notes
    2 ==============================
    4 Changes since version 1.7.4
    6 * Fixes to luksFormat to properly support recent kernel running in FIPS mode.
    8   Cryptsetup must never use a weak key even if it is just used for testing
    9   of algorithm availability. In FIPS mode, weak keys are always rejected.
   11   A weak key is for example detected if the XTS encryption mode use
   12   the same key for the tweak and the encryption part.
   14 * Fixes accesses to unaligned hidden legacy TrueCrypt header.
   16   On a native 4k-sector device the old hidden TrueCrypt header is not
   17   aligned with the hw sector size (this problem was fixed in later TrueCrypt
   18   on-disk format versions).
   20   Cryptsetup now properly aligns the read so it does not fail.
   22 * Fixes to optional dracut ramdisk scripts for offline re-encryption on initial boot.