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    1 Cryptsetup 1.6.8 Release Notes
    2 ==============================
    4 Changes since version 1.6.7
    6 * If the null cipher (no encryption) is used, allow only empty password for LUKS.
    7   (Previously cryptsetup accepted any password in this case.)
    9   The null cipher can be used only for testing and it is used temporarily during
   10   offline encrypting not yet encrypted device (cryptsetup-reencrypt tool).
   12   Accepting only empty password prevents situation when someone adds another
   13   LUKS device using the same UUID (UUID of existing LUKS device) with faked
   14   header containing null cipher.
   15   This could force user to use different LUKS device (with no encryption)
   16   without noticing.
   17   (IOW it prevents situation when attacker intentionally forces
   18   user to boot into different system just by LUKS header manipulation.)
   20   Properly configured systems should have an additional integrity protection
   21   in place here (LUKS here provides only confidentiality) but it is better
   22   to not allow this situation in the first place.
   24   (For more info see QubesOS Security Bulletin QSB-019-2015.)
   26 * Properly support stdin "-" handling for luksAddKey for both new and old
   27   keyfile parameters.
   29 * If encrypted device is file-backed (it uses underlying loop device),
   30   cryptsetup resize will try to resize underlying loop device as well.
   31   (It can be used to grow up file-backed device in one step.)
   33 * Cryptsetup now allows to use empty password through stdin pipe.
   34   (Intended only for testing in scripts.)
   36 Cryptsetup API NOTE:
   38 Direct terminal handling and password calling callback for passphrase
   39 entry will be removed from libcryptsetup in next major (2.x) version
   40 (application should handle it itself).
   41 It means that application have to always provide password in API calls.
   43 Functions returning last error will be removed in next major version (2.x).
   44 These functions did not work properly for early initialization errors
   45 and application can implement better function easily using own error callback.
   47 See comments in libcryptsetup.h for more info about deprecated functions.