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    1 Cryptsetup 1.6.6 Release Notes
    2 ==============================
    4 Changes since version 1.6.5
    6 * LUKS: Fix keyslot device access for devices which
    7   do not support direct IO operations. (Regression in 1.6.5.)
    9 * LUKS: Fallback to old temporary keyslot device mapping method
   10   if hash (for ESSIV) is not supported by userspace crypto
   11   library. (Regression in 1.6.5.)
   13 * Properly activate device with discard (TRIM for SSDs)
   14   if requested even if dm_crypt module is not yet loaded.
   15   Only if discard is not supported by the old kernel then
   16   the discard option is ignored.
   18 * Fix some static analysis build warnings (scan-build).
   20 * Report crypto lib version only once (and always add kernel
   21   version) in debug output.
   23 Cryptsetup API NOTE:
   24 The direct terminal handling for passphrase entry will be removed from
   25 libcryptsetup in next major version (application should handle it itself).
   27 It means that you have to always either provide password in buffer or set
   28 your own password callback function through crypt_set_password_callback().
   29 See API documentation (or libcryptsetup.h) for more info.