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    1 Cryptsetup 1.6.3 Release Notes
    2 ==============================
    4 Changes since version 1.6.2
    6 * Fix cryptsetup reencryption tool to work properly
    7   with devices using 4kB sectors.
    9 * Always use page size if running through loop device,
   10   this fixes failures for external LUKS header and
   11   filesystem requiring 4kB block size.
   13 * Fix TCRYPT system encryption mapping for multiple partitions.
   14   Since this commit, one can use partition directly as device parameter.
   15   If you need to activate such partition from image in file,
   16   please first use map partitioned loop device (losetup -P)
   17   on image.
   18   (Cryptsetup require partition offsets visible in kernel sysfs
   19   in this mode.)
   21 * Support activation of old TrueCrypt containers using CBC mode
   22   and whitening (created in TrueCrypt version < 4.1).
   23   This requires Linux kernel 3.13 or later.
   24   (Containers with cascade CBC ciphers are not supported.)
   26 * Properly display keys in dump --dump-master-key command
   27   for TrueCrypt CBC containers.
   29 * Rewrite cipher benchmark loop which was unreliable
   30   on very fast machines.
   32 * Add warning if LUKS device was activated using non-cryptsetup
   33   library which did not set UUID properly (e.g. cryptmount).
   34   (Some commands, like luksSuspend, are not available then.)
   36 * Support length limitation also for plain (no hash) length.
   37   This can be used for mapping problematic cryptosystems which
   38   wipes some key (losetup sometimes set last 32 byte to zero,
   39   which can be now configured as --hash plain:31 parameter).
   41 * Fix hash limit if parameter is not a number.
   42   (The whole key was set to zero instead of command failure.)
   44 * Unify --key-slot behavior in cryptsetup_reencrypt tool.
   46 * Update dracut example scripts for system reencryption on first boot.
   48 * Add command line option --tcrypt-backup to access TCRYPT backup header.
   50 * Fix static compilation with OpenSSL.