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    1 Cryptsetup 1.5.1 Release Notes
    2 ==============================
    4 Changes since version 1.5.0
    6 * The libcryptsetup library now tries to initialize device-mapper backend and
    7   loop devices only if they are really needed (lazy initializations).
    8   This allows some operations to be run by a non-root user.
   10   (Unfortunately LUKS header keyslot operations still require temporary dm-crypt
   11   device and device-mapper subsystem is available only to superuser.)
   13   Also clear error messages are provided if running as non-root user and
   14   operation requires privileged user.
   16 * Veritysetup can be now used by a normal user for creating hash image to file
   17   and also it can create hash image if doesn't exist.
   18   (Previously it required pre-allocated space.)
   20 * Added crypt_keyslot_area() API call which allows external tools
   21   to get exact keyslot offsets and analyse content.
   23   An example of a tool that searches the keyslot area of a LUKS container
   24   for positions where entropy is low and hence there is a high probability
   25   of damage is in misc/kesylot_checker.
   26   (Thanks to Arno Wagner for the code.)
   28 * Optimized seek to keyfile-offset if key offset is large.
   30 * Fixed luksHeaderBackup for very old v1.0 unaligned LUKS headers.
   32 * Various fixes for problems found by a several static analysis tools.