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LUKS logo

What the …?

Cryptsetup is a utility used to conveniently set up disk encryption based on the DMCrypt kernel module.

These include plain dm-crypt volumes, LUKS volumes, loop-AES, TrueCrypt (including VeraCrypt extension) and BitLocker formats.

The project also includes a veritysetup utility used to conveniently setup DMVerity block integrity checking kernel module and integritysetup to setup DMIntegrity block integrity kernel module.

LUKS Design

LUKS is the standard for Linux hard disk encryption. By providing a standard on-disk-format, it does not
only facilitate compatibility among distributions, but also provides secure management of multiple user passwords.
LUKS stores all necessary setup information in the partition header, enabling to transport or migrate data seamlessly.


Last version of the LUKS2 format specification is available here.

Last version of the LUKS1 format specification is available here.


Project home page.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


All release tarballs and release notes are hosted on kernel.org.

The latest stable cryptsetup version is 2.4.3 * cryptsetup-2.4.3.tar.xz * Signature cryptsetup-2.4.3.tar.sign (You need to decompress file first to check signature.) * Cryptsetup 2.4.3 Release Notes.

Previous versions * Version 2.3.7 - Signature - Release Notes. * Version 1.7.5 - Signature - Release Notes.

Source and API docs

For development version code, please refer to source page, mirror on kernel.org or GitHub.

For libcryptsetup documentation see libcryptsetup API page.

The libcryptsetup API/ABI changes are tracked in compatibility report.

NLS PO files are maintained by TranslationProject.

Required packages

All distributions provide cryptsetup as distro package. If you need to compile cryptsetup yourself, some packages are required for compilation. Please always prefer distro specific build tools to manually configuring cryptsetup. For available compile options, check configure --help for more info. If you are using a git snapshot, you need to generate a configure script with autogen.sh script.

Here is the list of packages needed for the compilation of project for particular distributions: * For Fedora: git gcc make autoconf automake gettext-devel pkgconfig openssl-devel popt-devel device-mapper-devel libuuid-devel json-c-devel libblkid-devel findutils libtool libssh-devel tar. Optionally libargon2-devel libpwquality-devel. To run the internal testsuite you also need to install sharutils device-mapper jq vim-common expect keyutils netcat shadow-utils openssh-clients openssh sshpass.

Note that the list could change as the distributions evolve.



Please read the following documentation before posting questions in the mailing list. You will be able to ask better questions and better understand the answers.

The FAQ is online and in the source code for the project. The Specifications are referenced above in this document. The man pages are in source and should be available after installation using standard man commands. e.g. man cryptsetup

Mailing List

For cryptsetup and LUKS related questions, please use the dm-crypt mailing list, dm-crypt@saout.de. To subscribe send an empty mail to dm-crypt-subscribe@saout.de.

You can also browse and/or search the mailing list archives using the following resources: