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% crio.conf.d(5)


crio.conf.d - directory for drop-in configuration files for CRI-O


Additionally to configuration in crio.conf(5), CRI-O allows to drop configuration snippets into the crio.conf.d directory. The default directory is /etc/crio/crio.conf.d/. The path can be changed via CRIO's --config-dir command line option.


When it exists, the main configuration file (/etc/crio/crio.conf by default) is read before any file in the configuration directory (/etc/crio/crio.conf.d). Settings in that file have the lowest precedence.

Files in the configuration directory are sorted by name in lexical order and applied in that order. If multiple configuration files specify the same configuration option the setting specified in file sorted last takes precedence over any other value. That is if both 00-default.conf and 10-custom.conf exist in crio.conf.d and both specify different values for a certain configuration option the value from 10-custom.conf will be applied.


crio.conf(5), crio(8)