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    1                                   Courier 0.56
    3    Contents of this NEWS file:
    5      Introducing WebMLM
    6      The SSL mess
    8   Introducing WebMLM
   10    New in Courier 0.56 is the finished version of WebMLM. WebMLM is a
   11    web-based interface to couriermlm-managed mailing lists. WebMLM implements
   12    nearly all of couriermlm's functionality through a web browser.
   14    Due to that, couriermlm's template files have changed. After upgrading to
   15    this version, you must make a backup copy of all of your customizations to
   16    couriermlm's template files, run couriermlm update against each mailing
   17    list directory, then reapply your custom template changes. This is
   18    mandatory even if you do not plan on using WebMLM.
   20   The SSL mess
   22    The default SSL3 setting for TLS_PROTOCOL (and SSL_PROTOCOL, in some
   23    cases) in the various services' configuration files (esmtp, imap, pop3,
   24    and webmail) no longer accepts legacy SSL2 connections. If you need legacy
   25    compatibility with SSL2, change the appropriate setting from SSL3 to
   26    SSL23.