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    1 The fingerprinting code is derived from a package
    2 which describes itself as follows
    4         Do you want a powerful, uniform interface to MD5, a standard
    5         CRC-32, Snefru-8, and a combined universal fingerprint, in
    6         highly efficient library form or as easy-to-use programs?
    7         That's what this package provides.  The code is freely reusable
    8         so you can distribute it along with your own applications.
    9         Have fun.
   11         fingerprint 0.50 package, beta.
   12         930809
   13         Daniel J. Bernstein, djb@silverton.berkeley.edu.
   15         Fingerprint produces a base-64-sanely-encoded fingerprint of
   16         its input.  There are no options. I imagine this fingerprint as
   17         something universal and permanent, which people will use
   18         forever. If the fingerprint is ever broken, I'd rather make an
   19         entirely new program than try to extend this one.
   21         A fingerprint is 76 characters long. What does it contain?
   22         Here's a list:
   24         1. A Snefru-8 (version 2.5, 8 passes, 512->256) hash.
   25            (Derived from the Xerox Secure Hash Function.)
   26         2. An MD5 hash, as per RFC 1321.
   27            (Derived from the RSADSI MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm.)
   28         3. A CRC checksum, as in the new cksum utility.
   29         4. Length modulo 2^40.
   31         The output format is not expected to be compatible with
   32         anything.