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    1 This directory contains a subset of the zlib library (1.2.3) and
    2 some custom changes.
    4 We only include enough of the distribution to provide the functionalities
    5 required.
    7 We would like to thank the zlib team for distributing this library.
    8 http://www.zlib.net
   10 Added Files
   11 -----------
   13 CMakeLists.txt
   14   -Support building with CMake.
   16 zlib.rc
   17   -For MS Windows only: provide a version resource in a dll build so that
   18    when you look at the dll file in Windows explorer, it will show you the
   19    version in the "Version" tab of the file's properties view.
   21 zlib.def
   22   -For MS Windows only: used to explicitly list the exports from dll builds.
   24 cm_zlib_mangle.h
   25   -Mangles symbols exported from the zlib library for use by CMake.
   27 zlibDllConfig.h.in
   28   -Configures the correct value of the ZLIB_DLL define based on the
   29    BUILD_SHARED_LIBS CMake option.
   31 Changed Files
   32 -------------
   33 You can search the code for "KITWARE_ZLIB_CHANGE" to find modifications
   34 vs the original zlib code
   36 zconf.h
   37   -Include cm_zlib_mangle.h (at the top)
   38   -Include cmzlib/zlibDllConfig.h (at the top)
   39   -Changed an #if 0 to #ifdef HAVE_UNISTD_H (near middle)
   40   -Suppress selected compiler warnings (at the bottom)