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List public interface libraries for a shared library or executable.

By default linking to a shared library target transitively links to targets with which the library itself was linked. For an executable with exports (see the :prop_tgt:ENABLE_EXPORTS target property) no default transitive link dependencies are used. This property replaces the default transitive link dependencies with an explicit list. When the target is linked into another target using the target_link_libraries command, the libraries listed (and recursively their link interface libraries) will be provided to the other target also. If the list is empty then no transitive link dependencies will be incorporated when this target is linked into another target even if the default set is non-empty. This property is initialized by the value of the CMAKE_LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES variable if it is set when a target is created. This property is ignored for STATIC libraries.

This property is overridden by the :prop_tgt:INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES property if policy CMP0022 is NEW.

This property is deprecated. Use :prop_tgt:INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES instead.

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