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    2 Description of "netconfigs" records
    4 These files contain a set of network configurations for a room.  They are
    5 stored in the directory $CTDLDIR/netconfigs and are named according to each
    6 room's internal ID number.  When a room is deleted, its network configuration
    7 file is deleted as well.
    9 The configuration file contains one or more lines of text, each line
   10 containing a configuration option.  These lines may specify message pointers,
   11 room sharing instructions, mailing list recipients, etc.  Fields are separated
   12 by the vertical bar character ("|") and there will always be at least one
   13 field on each line.
   16 INSTRUCTION:  lastsent
   17 SYNTAX:       lastsent|0000000
   19 Defines the *local* message number of the last message in this room which
   20 we have performed outbound network processing on.  Any batch job which sends
   21 out messages should do stuff.
   24 INSTRUCTION:  listrecp
   25 SYNTAX:       listrecp|friko@mumjiboolean.com
   27 Defines a recipient to whom all messages in this room should be sent.  This
   28 is used for "list serve" applications.
   31 INSTRUCTION:  digestrecp
   32 SYNTAX:       digestrecp|friko@mumjiboolean.com
   34 As of 2021, this is now an alias for listrecp and may be converted to listrecp
   35 by the mailing list manager.
   38 INSTRUCTION:  subpending
   39 SYNTAX:       subpending|friko@mumjiboolean.com|listrecp|A234Z|1234567890|http://foo.com/lists
   40 "Subscription pending" for the specified address.  This means that
   41 someone has requested to subscribe an e-mail address (in this case,
   42 friko@mumjiboolean.com) to the list.  The third parameter is either "list"
   43 or "digest" to specify a normal subscription or a digest subscription.
   44 The fourth parameter is an authentication token which is generated by the server
   45 and e-mailed to the specified address.  When the user comes back and supplies
   46 this token, the subscription is complete.  The fifth parameter is a simple
   47 timestamp, so that we may purge old records which were never confirmed.
   49 The sixth field is the URL of the web page used to enter the subscription
   50 request, minus any parameters.
   53 INSTRUCTION:  unsubpending
   54 SYNTAX:       unsubpending|friko@mumjiboolean.com|A234Z|1234567890|http://foo.com/lists
   55 Similar to the 'subpending' command, except this one is for unsubscribe
   56 requests.  The same rules apply with regard to the token and the web page.
   59 INSTRUCTION:  participate
   60 SYNTAX:       participate|list-addr@example.com
   61 This allows a room to be a  *subscriber* to an external mailing list
   62 somewhere.  The room's email address should be subscribed to the list, and the
   63 external listserv should be told "do not send me my own messages."  Any
   64 messages which originated on Citadel (as opposed to messages which arrived via
   65 email, such as those from the list) will be sent to the list, with the display
   66 name of the author kept intact, but the email address changed to the address of
   67 the room.
   69 This is somewhat finicky, which is why it is not officially supported, and
   70 why there are no facilities in the user interface to configure it.  If you want
   71 to use this option you are on your own.
   74 INSTRUCTION:  pop3client
   75 SYNTAX:       pop3client|hostname|username|password|keep|interval
   76 Periodically fetch messages from a remote POP3 account and store them in this
   77 room.  Messages will be deleted from the remote account once successfully stored.
   78 if Keep is set, messages won't be erased on the remote host.
   79 Interval can specify a bigger value than the system configs value.
   82 INSTRUCTION:	rssclient
   83 SYNTAX:		rssclient|url
   84 Periodically scrape an external RSS or Atom feed and store new items in this
   85 room.  We try to positively identify unique messages and avoid storing them
   86 multiple times.