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    1 The citadel.pam configuration file has been updated for Red Hat 7.1.
    2 If you have such a system, it should Just Work; if you don't, you're going to
    3 have to tweak it, preferably BEFORE you do a make install.  See below.  Even
    4 if you have Red Hat 7.1, you should look at the file anyway and understand how
    5 it affects your system security.  The original PAM.txt is included below:
    7 Citadel 5.53 and later include support for Pluggable Authentication
    8 Modules (PAM).  However, we don't recommend enabling this feature (./configure
    9 --with-pam) unless you understand exactly how it will affect your system's
   10 security. Specifically, the system administrator must supply a configuration
   11 for every authentication service which uses PAM. We have automated this process
   12 for Linux by supplying a file which is placed in /etc/pam.d during the
   13 installation process, but not on other systems, for 2 reasons:
   15 1) Other systems don't have /etc/pam.d; instead they use one big
   16 configuration file, usually /etc/pam.conf. It's not quite as trivial to
   17 automatically modify this file in a safe and secure fashion.
   19 2) Other systems have a different set of available authentication
   20 modules; they are likely to lack all three of the ones we use in the Linux
   21 configuration. We don't have enough information about the features of the
   22 authentication modules on other platforms to be able to provide secure
   23 configurations.
   25 That said, the configuration we've provided should work on at least
   26 Red Hat Linux 4.2-5.2, (although we don't recommend building Citadel on Red
   27 Hat 4.x due to libc thread-safety issues) and if you understand PAM
   28 configuration on your system, feel free to build Citadel with PAM support,
   29 as long as you realize that YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN.