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Member "chkrootkit-0.58b/ACKNOWLEDGMENTS" (22 Jun 2023, 5210 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/chkrootkit-0.58b.tar.gz:

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    1 The following people have contributed to the chkrootkit project:
    3 Agustin Navarro (debug help)
    4 Alberto Courrege Gomide (debug help)
    5 Andre Gustavo de Carvalho Albuquerque (debug, performance and Solaris patches)
    6 Dave Ansalvish (Solaris debug help)
    7 Bruno Lopes (debug help)
    8 Daniel Lafraia (source code addition)
    9 Josh Karp (debug help for Solaris 8)
   10 Klaus Steding-Jessen (debug, lots of good suggestions and LKM check Perl code)
   11 Paulo C. Marques F. (debug help)
   12 Pedro Vazquez (lots of good suggestions)
   13 Richard Eisenman (Red Hat support)
   14 Manfred Bartz (debug help)
   15 Luiz E. R. Cordeiro (debug help)
   16 Vince Hillier (debug help)
   17 Steve Campbell (Solaris bug fixes)
   18 Strashimir Mihnev (new rootkit)
   19 Patrick Duane Dunston (Adore LKM detection)
   20 Rudolf Leitgeb (chklastlog bug fix)
   21 Marcos Aguinaldo Forquesato (Solaris debug)
   22 scz (check_wtmpx code)
   23 Yaroslav Polyakov (inetdconf function)
   24 Andreas Tirok (chklastlog patch)
   25 Sean D. True (strings.c)
   26 Leif Neland (duarawkz rootkit)
   27 Kaveh Goudarzi (Pizdakit rootkit)
   28 m0xx (monkit and Bobkit rootkits)
   29 Bob Grabowsky and Mihai Sandu (t0rn v8.0 variant)
   30 Razvan Cosma (new rootkit)
   31 Kostya Kortchinsky (chkproc patch)
   32 Frank Haverkamp (new rookit)
   33 Ludovic Drolez (new rootkit)
   34 Dan Irwin (new rootkit)
   35 Anton Chuvakin (new rootkit)
   36 Steve Collins (new rootkit)
   37 Indra Kusuma (new rootkit)
   38 Mark Newby (new rootkit)
   39 anonymous (new rootkit)
   40 Gerard van Wageningen (chklastlog.c)
   41 Morohoshi Akihiko, Kostya Kortchinsky and Aaron Sherman (chkproc.c)
   42 Andrey Chernomyrdin (new rootkit)
   43 Razvan Cosma (new rootkit)
   44 zeno (new rootkits)
   45 Hal Pomeranz (chkdirs.c)
   46 marc (Bug report)
   47 Piete Brooks (patches for chkrootkit)
   48 Kostya Kortchinsky (chkproc Solaris port)
   49 Jan Brinham (chkrookit additions)
   50 Paulo Rodrigo (Bug report)
   51 Andreas Unterluggauer (Bug report)
   52 Mihnea Stoenescu (ideas for chkrootkit)
   53 Anton Chuvakin (new rootkit)
   54 Russ Reynaga (SunOS debug/tests)
   55 ymailer (lots of rootkits)
   56 Junichi Murakami (Adore detection method)
   57 Gérard Breiner (HP-UX Port)
   58 Andrea Barbieri (SunOS debug)
   59 Matthew Deatherage (Bug report)
   60 Eduardo Bacchi Kienetz (Slapper-B detection)
   61 aka br (SiN Rootkit)
   62 Ymailer (shv4, Big and Aquatica)
   63 Eduardo Bacchi (shv4)
   64 T. Tanaka (bug fix)
   65 Jan Iven (suckit tests)
   66 Rob Thomas
   67 Michael Griego (chkproc NPTL threading mechanisms patch)
   68 Marcel Haman (aditional Suckit detection)
   69 Andreas Grundle (Volc Rookit)
   70 Bejamin Molitor (Gold2 Rookit)
   71 James Mackinnon (TC2 Worm)
   72 Joshua J Robinson (Anonoying Rootkit)
   73 Bill Orvis (ZK Rootkit)
   74 Thomas Davidson (BSDI support)
   75 Bill DuPree (chkproc.c fix)
   76 Jeremy H. Brown (-r option corrections)
   77 Jason Montleon (bug report)
   78 Djony W Tambosi (bug report)
   79 Benjamin Schüdz (bug report)
   80 Eugene Tsyrklevich (bug report)
   81 Michael Dorrington (web page)
   82 Ragnar Rova (write test fix)
   83 Chris Campbell (C++ comments causing problems on old Solaris compilers)
   84 Markus Alt (Typo)
   85 Egon Eckert (tcpd test at debian)
   86 Silvio and nacho (zaRwT rootkit)
   87 Lantz Moore (promisc test on Linux kernels 2.[46].x and many patches)
   88 Marcel Haman (another Suckit sign)
   89 Alfred (found sniffer in another area (/usr/lib))
   90 Ymailer (several CGI backdoors)
   91 Dietrich Raisin (del counter fix in chkwtmp.c)
   92 Patrick Gosling (tnfs function improvement)
   93 Mikhail Zotov (bug report)
   94 Michael Schwendt (patches)
   95 Yukio Yamada (bug report)
   96 h0nIng (Fu rootkit)
   97 Jeff Kuehn (bug report)
   98 Jeremy Miller (chkutmp)
   99 Cristine Hoepers (chkrootkit homepage redesign using valid strict XHTML)
  100 Ighighi X (chkutmp)
  101 Jérémie Andréi (chkwtmp)
  102 Aaron Harwood (chkdirs)
  103 Yjesus(unhide) (chkproc.c)
  104 Slider/Flimbo (chkproc.c)
  105 UnSpawn (error reports)
  106 Milan Kerslager (new rootkits signs)
  107 Gary Funk (new rootkits signs)
  108 Florian Gleixne (Solaris bug report and patch)
  109 Andre Russ (bug report and crontab patch)
  110 Michael Schwendt (OpenBSDrk v1 false positives on linux boxes)
  111 Johann Burkard (r57 backdoor report)
  112 Lieven De Keyzer (bug report)
  113 Bartosz Lis (bug report and patch)
  114 Ken Olum (bug report)
  115 Steve Pirk (Slackware crontab bug report and patch)
  116 Scott A. McIntyre (Nice ideas)
  117 Lorenzo Patocchi (new rootkits signs)
  118 NIDE, Naoyuki (Bug report in chkdirs.c)
  119 Steve Pirk (Bug report in slackware's crontab)
  120 Michael Schwendt (Bug report and patch)
  121 Michael Grant (Bug report and patch)
  122 Ondrej Svetlik (new rk)
  123 Enrico Zini (Bug report and patch)
  124 Fabio Assonili (new rk) 
  125 Sander Johansen (Suckit bug report and patch) 
  126 David  Binderman (bug Report) 
  127 Thomas Stangner (Serious Bug Report and patch) 
  128 Luigi  Fragolino (bug report) 
  129 Nico Koenrades (bug report) 
  130 Arthur Papakostas (bug report) 
  131 George Ogata (bug report & patch) 
  132 DS store (bug report) 
  133 Ernie Trujillo (bug report) 
  134 Michael Kuhn (bug report & patch) 
  135 Peter Elsner (bug report, patches and referencies) 
  136 Sean MacLennan (ifpromisc bug report & patch) 
  137 Stefan Schwarz (psproc version check bug report) 
  138 Andrew Elia (bug report & patch) 
  139 Gwyn Ciesla (Fedora 33+ bug report) 
  140 Sebastien Beyou (BTRFS bug report) 
  141 Adolfo Abrantes (optimization patch) 
  142 Alex Brown (psproc bug report) 
  143 Kirk Waingrow (chsh CentOS check bug report) 
  144 Christophe Nanteuli (chsh bug report & patch) 
  145 SD Pentest (Kenga3 bug report & patch)
  146 Ryan Schmidt (Macport bug report and patch) 
  147 Rob Whnk (bug report and tester) 
  148 Theodoros Kalamatianos (exclude network filesystems patch)  
  149 Christophe Perez (bug report)