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Who should read this Guide?

The Cheetah Developers' Guide is for those who want to learn how Cheetah works internally, or wish to modify or extend Cheetah. It is assumed that you've read the Cheetah Users' Guide and have an intermediate knowledge of Python.


This Guide takes a behaviorist approach. First we'll look at what the Cheetah compiler generates when it compiles a template definition, and how it compiles the various $placeholder features and #directives. Then we'll stroll through the files in the Cheetah source distribution and show how each file contributes to the compilation and/or filling of templates. Then we'll list every method/attribute inherited by a template object. Finally, we'll describe how to submit bugfixes/enhancements to Cheetah, and how to add to the documentation.

Appendix A will contain a BNF syntax of the Cheetah template language.