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    1 0. Run full test suite in all branches. Continue if all tests passed.
    3 1. Run devscripts/prerelease $NEW_TAG.
    5 1a. The script checks out the release branch ('maint' for a bug-fix
    6     release, 'master' for minor or major release) and calls editor; update
    7     version, the list of contributors, the list of changes and download URL
    8     in ANNOUNCE.rst; if it is a stable release - edit docs/news.rst to set
    9     release date. Edit Version.py and README.rst in the release branch -
   10     fix versions. Edit section [egg_info] in setup.cfg - set if it is a
   11     stable or development release. In SetupConfig.py edit "Development
   12     Status" in trove classifiers; edit dev_tag or download URL: if a
   13     non-stable version - append 'dev' and date stamp, for a stable version
   14     remove 'dev' and date stamp). Commit. Verify.
   16 2. Run devscripts/prerelease-tag $NEW_TAG. This checks out the release
   17    branch and creates the new tag at the head of the release branch. Push
   18    the branch and the tag to start test/build.
   20 3. Run devscripts/push-all in the development repository to push all
   21    branches and tags to the public repositories.
   23 4. Run devscripts/release. This generates and uploads new archives to PyPI.
   25 5. Generate new docs using devscripts/build-all-docs. Upload docs using
   26    devscripts/publish-docs.
   28 6. Run devscripts/postrelease. The script checks out master and null-merge
   29    maint. The script restores ANNOUNCE.rst from the previous commit
   30    (HEAD~). It calls editor; update next version, remove the list of
   31    contributors and the list of changes, edit download URL in ANNOUNCE.rst.
   32    Edit docs/news.rst - add new version. Edit Version.py and README.rst -
   33    fix versions. Edit section [egg_info] in setup.cfg. In SetupConfig.py
   34    edit "Development Status" in trove classifiers; edit dev_tag or download
   35    URL. Commit. Verify. Fast-forward next to master.
   37 7. Send announcement to the Cheetah mailing list. For a stable release send
   38    announcements to python and python-announce mailing lists.
   40 8. Announce new release at Wikipedia
   41    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CheetahTemplate).