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[checksuite] − a suite of 9 programs for resource and security checking


[checkdisk] [-hlo] [-x <directory>] [-t <threshold>] [-e <email>] [-p <pager>]

[checkhardware] [-hlo] [-e <email>] [-p <pager>]

[checkinodes] [-hlo] [-t <threshold>] [-e <email>] [-p <pager>]

[checkload] [-hlo] [-t <threshold>] [-e <email>] [-p <pager>]

[checksecurity] [-hlo] [-r] [-e <email>]

[checkswap] [-hlo] [-t <threshold>] [-e <email>] [-p <pager>]

[checksyn] [-hlo] [-t <threshold>] [-e <email>]

[checklinks] [-hlo] [-q] [-r] [-d <directory>] [-e <email>]

[checkzombie] [-hlo] [-t <threshold>] [-e <email>] [-p <pager>]


[checksuite] is a suite of perl scripts that are specifically meant to assist a system administrator with day-to-day monitoring of system resources. This suite is not intended to act in replacement of a system administrator by any means.


[checkdisk] - monitors disk utilization on the server by pulling data from the "df" command. By default, the threshold is set to 85% utilization and if it hits that it will also perform a "du" for that specific partition.

[checkhardware] - looks for common errors or problems in the system dmesg log. It is not meant to be a total solution for hardware monitoring. This may help as an early warning detection service for issues with the system, providing, an error is logged in dmesg.

[checkinodes] - watches every partitions inode utilization on the system by pulling data from the "df" command. This threshold is set to 85% usage like checkdisk.

[checkload] - keeps an eye on the systems 5 minute load average. The default threshold is set to 7. If the load average becomes that high, this program will collect a snapshot of every active process during that exact time. It pulls from /proc/cpuinfo to collect the data.

[checksecurity] - performs basic security checking that should surface any signs of a system being compromised. Several known hacker footprints are investigated on the system as well as a full system RPM verification. This program is not intended to protect or disinfect a system.

[checkswap] - watches swap or paging memory utilization. The threshold is set to half of the total swap space that is available on the system. If it does over that 50% mark, it will also, like checkload, print out some of the active processes running that could be contributing.

[checksyn] - will watch for SYN_RECV connections in netstat and block each unique IP address that could potentially be SYN flooding the system. It blocks with IPChains or IPTables, depending on kernel version. It will also flush the chain periodically depending on how often the script is executed from cron. A new threshold option has been added for you to specify how many times an IP can be seen with a SYN_RECV before blocking them. Default is 5.

[checklinks] - will check for broken symbolin links on the specified filesystem/directory. By default it will check /. You can also use it to remove the broken links.

[checkzombie] - watches for processes that obtain a ’Z’ state (zombie). The default threshold is set to 1. If zombie processes are found, this program will send out a notification of how many zombie processes and which ones they are.



display help for command line arguments


log the output to the appropriate logfile in /var/log/checksuite.d/


force data output to screen

-I -x

exclude a specific directory from / [checkdisk]


query the filesystem for broken links [checklinks]


perform full RPM system check [checksecurity] or removes broken links [checklinks]


specify the directory to check for broken links

-t <threshold>

specify a threshold different from the default

-e <email>

send output to mail the specified e-mail address

-p <pager>

send shortend output to pager or cell phone e-mail



location of all checksuite scripts


cron file for execution of programs and configuration of options


the logrotate configurations to rotate logs in /var/log/checksuite.d


the log directory where each individual log is stored


Larry Long <larry@djslyde.com> http://checksuite.sourceforge.net 2003-2010