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    1 ==========
    3 ==========
    5 * You can have some trouble if the source directory's path has white spaces in
    6   it, when building rpm packages or Slackware tarballs. These problems are
    7   caused by bugs in the packaging applications used in those systmes (Namely
    8   "rpm" and "installpkg"). Checkinstall makes it's best effort to work around
    9   these bugs, but you should try to avoid source directories' names with spaces.
   10   There's no problem when building Debian packages, though.
   12 * Some directories are not removed when removing a checkinstall-generated
   13   rpm package.
   15 * The installwatch library seems to have some problems with glibc-2.2.1. You
   16   should use glibc-2.2.2+
   18 * There are problems when using installwatch and libsafe together
   20   ==================
   21   $Id: BUGS,v 2003/03/13 19:08:37 izto Exp $