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    1 <TITLE>CGIWrap - To Do</TITLE>
    2 <CENTER><H2>CGIWrap - To Do</H2></CENTER>
    3 <HR>
    5 Here are some things that still need to be done and ideas for
    6 possible future things to do.
    7 <P>
    9 <UL>
   10 <LI>Fixing the PATH_TRANSLATED support
   11 <LI>HTML version of cgiwrapd instead of text/plain
   12 <LI>More flexible approach to user directory mapping - rewrite file, mapping 
   13     dir to user instead of user to dir
   14 <LI>Limiting script execution based on load average.
   15 <LI>Allow setting any environment variable from CGIwrap
   17 <LI>finish the request info section of the error output
   18 <LI>use SERVER_ADMIN and other http variables.
   20 <LI>if you disable httpd user checking - you need to make sure to define the 
   21 installation group to be the group that the server is running as - and be sure
   22 and restrict permissions.
   24 <LI>Continue creating global context for storage of data
   26 </UL>