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    1 <TITLE>CGIWrap - URL Quick Reference</TITLE>
    2 <CENTER><H2>CGIWrap - URL Quick Reference</H2></CENTER>
    3 <HR><P>
    5 In all of the below examples, replace SERVER with the hostname
    6 and port of your webserver. Replace USER with your userid, and replace
    7 SCRIPT with the name of the script that is located in your cgi-bin
    8 directory.
    9 <P>
   10 In the below URLs you can replace "<TT>cgiwrap</TT>" according to the
   11 following:
   13 <DL>
   14     <P><DT>cgiwrap
   15         <DD>Normal script execution
   17     <P><DT>cgiwrapd
   18         <DD>Executes script, but returns debugging information, also is
   19         returned preformatted, so you can see the source that the script is
   20         outputting.
   22     <P><DT>nph-cgiwrap
   23     <P><DT>nph-cgiwrapd
   24         <DD>Same as above, except you sometimes need to use this if your
   25         script outputs binary data, such as an image counter script.
   26 </DL>
   28 <H3>Standard Installation of CGIWrap</H3>
   29 Place your scripts in your ~/public_html/cgi-bin/ directory
   30 <P>
   31 <UL>
   32     <LI>http://SERVER/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/USER/SCRIPT
   33     <LI>http://SERVER/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/~USER/SCRIPT
   34 </UL>
   35 <P>
   36 Or the old deprecated syntax of:
   37 <UL>
   38     <LI>http://SERVER/cgi-bin/cgiwrap?user=USER&script=SCRIPT
   39 </UL>
   41 <H3>Password Protected Installation of CGIWrap</H3>
   42 Place your scripts in your ~/public_html/auth-cgi-bin/ directory
   43 <P>
   44 <UL>
   45     <LI>http://SERVER/auth-cgi-bin/cgiwrap/USER/SCRIPT
   46     <LI>http://SERVER/auth-cgi-bin/cgiwrap/~USER/SCRIPT
   47 </UL>
   48 <P>
   49 Or the old deprecated syntax of:
   50 <UL>
   51     <LI>http://SERVER/auth-cgi-bin/cgiwrap?user=USER&script=SCRIPT
   52 </UL>
   54 <H3>Other Options</H3>
   55 With certain other web servers, the above syntax can sometimes be 
   56 shortened depending on how the local administrator has set up the server. 
   57 For example, some site support a URL syntax similar some of the following:
   58 <UL>
   59     <LI>http://SERVER/~USER/SCRIPT.cgi
   60     <LI>http://SERVER/cgi-bin/~USER/SCRIPT
   61     <LI>http://SERVER/cgiwrap/~USER/SCRIPT
   62     <LI>http://SERVER/~USER/cgi-bin/SCRIPT.cgi
   63 </UL>
   64 The administrator can look at the <A HREF="tricks.html">tricks</A> 
   65 document for some ideas on configuring the server.
   66 <P>
   67 <H3>Notes</H3>
   68 The syntax examples above using <TT>user=</TT> and <TT>script=</TT> are 
   69 carryovers from the original versions of CGIwrap, and are not really 
   70 needed. I <B>highly</B> reccomend you don't use them, the other examples 
   71 are much clearer and easier to use.