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    1 <TITLE>CGIWrap - Compilation Notes</TITLE>
    2 <CENTER><H2>CGIWrap - Compilation Notes</H2></CENTER>
    3 <HR><P>
    5 <DL>
    7 <DT><H3>CDC 4680 EP/IX 2.1.1ad</H3>
    8     <DD>CC=cc
    9     <DD>CCOPT=-systype sysv -I/usr/include/bsd -lbsd
   10     <P>
   11     <DD>Don't include "strings.h"
   13 <DT><H3>HP-UX 9.0.x</H3>
   14     <DD>Don't enable the setrlimit checking, it is not completely supported 
   15 by HPUX.
   17 <DT><H3>SCO Unixware 2.03</H3>
   18     <DD>Problems with sete[ug]id. You might need to undefine these in 
   19 the config.sh file at the end of the Configure run. (Thanks to John 
   20 Romano <jromano@pb.net> for pointing this problem out.)
   22 </DL>