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    1                          CGIWrap - Acknowledgements
    2      __________________________________________________________________
    4    The following are some people who have made significant contributions
    5    or suggestions to cgiwrap. If you notice someone who is missing, or I
    6    forgot about you, please let me know and I'll add you to the list.
    8    Tuc/TTSG Internet Services, Inc:
    9           Sponsored most of the vhosting and script authorization changes
   10           in 3.8.0 release. Changes are highly useful for ISP
   11           installations of cgiwrap where execution is through apache
   12           handlers to make the use of cgiwrap as transparent as possible
   13           to the customer.
   15    legalize@xmission.com:
   16           Patch ideas and some sample source for PATH_INFO support
   18    Jim Jagielski (jim@jagunet.com)
   19           Fix for ~ problem. Simplest and cleanest one I got.
   20           Suggestion and sample code to check exec bit on script and
   21           return error if not set.
   23    Thomas Parmelan (Thomas.Parmelan@efrei.fr):
   24           SETGROUPS config option and code
   25           SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO rewrite code
   27    William O'Neill (woneill@astro.ocis.temple.edu):
   28           Porting info for CDC 4680 EP/IX 2.1.1ad
   29           Bug fix for ~ problem
   31    de Sousa Carlos (ebccdes@ebc.ericsson.se):
   32           Porting info for Solaris 2/SunOs 5.x w/o BSD libs
   33           Found PATH_INFO/QUERY_STRING problem with use on CERN server
   35    Alan Weiner (alweiner@clark.net) and dlbewley@indyunix.iupui.edu:
   36           Re-brought up issue of argv[] argument passing to scripts
   38    Dr Lawrie Brown, Lecturer
   39           Numerous solaris fixes and suggestions, and log analyze script
   41    Ian MacPhedran
   42           Host IP address checking, and a couple of typo fixes