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    1 /* 
    2    Simple Random Number Generators
    3        - getuniform - uniform deviate [0,1]
    4        - getnorm    - gaussian (normal) deviate (mean=0, stddev=1)
    5        - getpoisson - poisson deviate for given expected mean lambda
    7    This code is adapted from SimpleRNG by John D Cook, which is
    8    provided in the public domain.
   10    The original C++ code is found here:
   11    http://www.johndcook.com/cpp_random_number_generation.html
   13    This code has been modified in the following ways compared to the
   14    original.
   15      1. convert to C from C++
   16      2. keep only uniform, gaussian and poisson deviates
   17      3. state variables are module static instead of class variables
   18      4. provide an srand() equivalent to initialize the state
   19 */
   21 extern void simplerng_setstate(unsigned int u, unsigned int v);
   22 extern void simplerng_getstate(unsigned int *u, unsigned int *v);
   23 extern void simplerng_srand(unsigned int seed);
   24 extern double simplerng_getuniform(void);
   25 extern double simplerng_getnorm(void);
   26 extern int simplerng_getpoisson(double lambda);
   27 extern double simplerng_logfactorial(int n);