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    1 /*  constant.h    CCMATH mathematics library source code.
    2  *
    3  *  Copyright (C)  2000   Daniel A. Atkinson    All rights reserved.
    4  *  This code may be redistributed under the terms of the GNU library
    5  *  public license (LGPL). ( See the lgpl.license file for details.)
    6  * ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    7  */
    8 unsigned short m_sgn=0x8000,m_exp=0x7fff;
    9 short bias=16383;
   10 int itt_div=2,k_tanh=5;
   11 int ms_exp=21,ms_hyp=25,ms_trg=31;
   12 short max_p=16*XDIM,k_lin= -8*XDIM;
   13 short d_bias=15360,d_max=2047,d_lex=12;
   14 struct xpr zero={0x0,0x0};
   15 struct xpr one={0x3fff,0x8000};
   16 struct xpr two={0x4000,0x8000};
   17 struct xpr ten={0x4002,0xa000};
   18 struct xpr x_huge={0x7fff,0x0};
   19 struct xpr pi4={0x3FFE,0xC90F,0xDAA2,0x2168,0xC234,0xC4C6,0x628B,0x80DC};
   20 struct xpr pi2={0x3FFF,0xC90F,0xDAA2,0x2168,0xC234,0xC4C6,0x628B,0x80DC};
   21 struct xpr pi={0x4000,0xC90F,0xDAA2,0x2168,0xC234,0xC4C6,0x628B,0x80DC};
   22 struct xpr ee={0x4000,0xADF8,0x5458,0xA2BB,0x4A9A,0xAFDC,0x5620,0x273D};
   23 struct xpr ln2={0x3FFE,0xB172,0x17F7,0xD1CF,0x79AB,0xC9E3,0xB398,0x3F3};
   24 struct xpr srt2={0x3FFF,0xB504,0xF333,0xF9DE,0x6484,0x597D,0x89B3,0x754B};