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    1 /*  matutl.h    CCMATH mathematics library source code.
    2  *
    3  *  Copyright (C)  2000   Daniel A. Atkinson    All rights reserved.
    4  *  This code may be redistributed under the terms of the GNU library
    5  *  public license (LGPL). ( See the lgpl.license file for details.)
    6  * ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    7  */
    9 /* Utility routines for real and complex matrix computations
   10  */
   11 #ifndef CPX
   12 struct complex {double re,im;};
   13 typedef struct complex Cpx;
   14 #define CPX 1
   15 #endif
   16 void trnm(double *a,int m);
   17 void trncm(Cpx *s,int n);
   18 void house(double *w,double *v,double *u,int m);
   19 int qrevec(double *ev,double *v,double *d,int m);
   20 int qreval(double *e,double *d,int m);
   21 void hconj(Cpx *a,int m);
   22 void chouse(Cpx *h,double *e,double *d,int m);
   23 void chousv(Cpx *h,double *d, double *u,int m);
   24 void qrecvc(double *e,Cpx *v,double *d,int m);
   25 void cmmul(Cpx *a,Cpx *b,Cpx *c,int m);
   26 void atou1(double *r,int i,int j);
   27 void atovm(double *r,int i);
   28 int qrbdu1(double *w,double *x,double *y,int k,double *z,int l);
   29 void ldumat(double *x,double *y,int i,int k);
   30 void ldvmat(double *x,double *y,int k);
   31 int qrbdv(double *x,double *y,double *z,int i,double *w,int j);
   32 int qrbdi(double *x,double *y,int l);