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    1 # cb2Bib 0.0.1  Pattern:
    2 PDF Import Example
    3 article
    4 journal volume pages year title author abstract
    5 ^(Ars Magna), (\d+), ([\d\-–\s]+), (\d\d\d\d)<NewLine1>(.+)<NewLine3>(.+)<NewLine5>.+SUMMARY(.+)<NewLine13>.+$
    7 # cb2Bib 0.0.1  Pattern:
    8 Example with Multiple Author Sets
    9 article
   10 journal volume pages year title author author abstract
   11 ^(Journal Name), (\d+), ([\d|\-|\s]+), (\d\d\d\d) <NewLine1><NewLine2> <NewLine3>(.+)<NewLine4><NewLine5> <NewLine6>(.+)<NewLine7>.+<NewLine10>(.+)<NewLine11>.+Abstract:(.+)$