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    2 # Copyright (C) Kovid Goyal
    3 # This file is distributed under the same license as the calibre package.
    5 #
    6 #, fuzzy
    7 msgid ""
    8 msgstr ""
    9 "Project-Id-Version: calibre 3.46.0\n"
   10 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
   11 "POT-Creation-Date: 2019-07-19 08:54+0530\n"
   12 "PO-Revision-Date: YEAR-MO-DA HO:MI+ZONE\n"
   13 "Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
   14 "Language-Team: LANGUAGE <LL@li.org>\n"
   15 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
   16 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
   17 "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
   19 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/manual/news_recipe.rst:4
   20 msgid "API documentation for recipes"
   21 msgstr ""
   23 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/manual/news_recipe.rst:9
   24 msgid "The API for writing recipes is defined by the :class:`BasicNewsRecipe`"
   25 msgstr ""
   27 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe:1
   28 msgid "Base class that contains logic needed in all recipes. By overriding progressively more of the functionality in this class, you can make progressively more customized/powerful recipes. For a tutorial introduction to creating recipes, see :doc:`news`."
   29 msgstr ""
   31 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.abort_article:1
   32 msgid "Call this method inside any of the preprocess methods to abort the download for the current article. Useful to skip articles that contain inappropriate content, such as pure video articles."
   33 msgstr ""
   35 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.abort_recipe_processing:1
   36 msgid "Causes the recipe download system to abort the download of this recipe, displaying a simple feedback message to the user."
   37 msgstr ""
   39 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.add_toc_thumbnail:1
   40 msgid "Call this from populate_article_metadata with the src attribute of an <img> tag from the article that is appropriate for use as the thumbnail representing the article in the Table of Contents. Whether the thumbnail is actually used is device dependent (currently only used by the Kindles). Note that the referenced image must be one that was successfully downloaded, otherwise it will be ignored."
   41 msgstr ""
   43 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.adeify_images:1
   44 msgid "If your recipe when converted to EPUB has problems with images when viewed in Adobe Digital Editions, call this method from within :meth:`postprocess_html`."
   45 msgstr ""
   47 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.canonicalize_internal_url:1
   48 msgid "Return a set of canonical representations of ``url``.  The default implementation uses just the server hostname and path of the URL, ignoring any query parameters, fragments, etc. The canonical representations must be unique across all URLs for this news source. If they are not, then internal links may be resolved incorrectly."
   49 msgstr ""
   51 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.canonicalize_internal_url:0
   52 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.is_link_wanted:0
   53 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.populate_article_metadata:0
   54 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.postprocess_book:0
   55 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.postprocess_html:0
   56 msgid "Parameters"
   57 msgstr ""
   59 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.canonicalize_internal_url:7
   60 msgid "Is True if the URL is coming from an internal link in an HTML file. False if the URL is the URL used to download an article."
   61 msgstr ""
   63 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.cleanup:1
   64 msgid "Called after all articles have been download. Use it to do any cleanup like logging out of subscription sites, etc."
   65 msgstr ""
   67 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.clone_browser:1
   68 msgid "Clone the browser br. Cloned browsers are used for multi-threaded downloads, since mechanize is not thread safe. The default cloning routines should capture most browser customization, but if you do something exotic in your recipe, you should override this method in your recipe and clone manually."
   69 msgstr ""
   71 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.clone_browser:7
   72 msgid "Cloned browser instances use the same, thread-safe CookieJar by default, unless you have customized cookie handling."
   73 msgstr ""
   75 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.default_cover:1
   76 msgid "Create a generic cover for recipes that don't have a cover"
   77 msgstr ""
   79 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.download:1
   80 msgid "Download and pre-process all articles from the feeds in this recipe. This method should be called only once on a particular Recipe instance. Calling it more than once will lead to undefined behavior. :return: Path to index.html"
   81 msgstr ""
   83 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.extract_readable_article:1
   84 msgid "Extracts main article content from 'html', cleans up and returns as a (article_html, extracted_title) tuple. Based on the original readability algorithm by Arc90."
   85 msgstr ""
   87 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.get_article_url:1
   88 msgid "Override in a subclass to customize extraction of the :term:`URL` that points to the content for each article. Return the article URL. It is called with `article`, an object representing a parsed article from a feed. See `feedparser <https://pythonhosted.org/feedparser/>`_. By default it looks for the original link (for feeds syndicated via a service like feedburner or pheedo) and if found, returns that or else returns `article.link <https://pythonhosted.org/feedparser/reference-entry-link.html>`_."
   89 msgstr ""
   91 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.get_browser:1
   92 msgid "Return a browser instance used to fetch documents from the web. By default it returns a `mechanize <https://mechanize.readthedocs.io/en/latest/>`_ browser instance that supports cookies, ignores robots.txt, handles refreshes and has a mozilla firefox user agent."
   93 msgstr ""
   95 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.get_browser:6
   96 msgid "If your recipe requires that you login first, override this method in your subclass. For example, the following code is used in the New York Times recipe to login for full access::"
   97 msgstr ""
   99 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.get_cover_url:1
  100 msgid "Return a :term:`URL` to the cover image for this issue or `None`. By default it returns the value of the member `self.cover_url` which is normally `None`. If you want your recipe to download a cover for the e-book override this method in your subclass, or set the member variable `self.cover_url` before this method is called."
  101 msgstr ""
  103 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.get_extra_css:1
  104 msgid "By default returns `self.extra_css`. Override if you want to programmatically generate the extra_css."
  105 msgstr ""
  107 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.get_feeds:1
  108 msgid "Return a list of :term:`RSS` feeds to fetch for this profile. Each element of the list must be a 2-element tuple of the form (title, url). If title is None or an empty string, the title from the feed is used. This method is useful if your recipe needs to do some processing to figure out the list of feeds to download. If so, override in your subclass."
  109 msgstr ""
  111 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.get_masthead_title:1
  112 msgid "Override in subclass to use something other than the recipe title"
  113 msgstr ""
  115 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.get_masthead_url:1
  116 msgid "Return a :term:`URL` to the masthead image for this issue or `None`. By default it returns the value of the member `self.masthead_url` which is normally `None`. If you want your recipe to download a masthead for the e-book override this method in your subclass, or set the member variable `self.masthead_url` before this method is called. Masthead images are used in Kindle MOBI files."
  117 msgstr ""
  119 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.get_obfuscated_article:1
  120 msgid "If you set `articles_are_obfuscated` this method is called with every article URL. It should return the path to a file on the filesystem that contains the article HTML. That file is processed by the recursive HTML fetching engine, so it can contain links to pages/images on the web."
  121 msgstr ""
  123 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.get_obfuscated_article:6
  124 msgid "This method is typically useful for sites that try to make it difficult to access article content automatically."
  125 msgstr ""
  127 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.image_url_processor:1
  128 msgid "Perform some processing on image urls (perhaps removing size restrictions for dynamically generated images, etc.) and return the precessed URL."
  129 msgstr ""
  131 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.index_to_soup:1
  132 msgid "Convenience method that takes an URL to the index page and returns a `BeautifulSoup <https://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/bs4/doc>`__ of it."
  133 msgstr ""
  135 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.index_to_soup:5
  136 msgid "`url_or_raw`: Either a URL or the downloaded index page as a string"
  137 msgstr ""
  139 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.is_link_wanted:1
  140 msgid "Return True if the link should be followed or False otherwise. By default, raises NotImplementedError which causes the downloader to ignore it."
  141 msgstr ""
  143 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.is_link_wanted:5
  144 msgid "The URL to be followed"
  145 msgstr ""
  147 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.is_link_wanted:6
  148 msgid "The tag from which the URL was derived"
  149 msgstr ""
  151 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.parse_feeds:1
  152 msgid "Create a list of articles from the list of feeds returned by :meth:`BasicNewsRecipe.get_feeds`. Return a list of :class:`Feed` objects."
  153 msgstr ""
  155 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.parse_index:1
  156 msgid "This method should be implemented in recipes that parse a website instead of feeds to generate a list of articles. Typical uses are for news sources that have a \"Print Edition\" webpage that lists all the articles in the current print edition. If this function is implemented, it will be used in preference to :meth:`BasicNewsRecipe.parse_feeds`."
  157 msgstr ""
  159 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.parse_index:7
  160 msgid "It must return a list. Each element of the list must be a 2-element tuple of the form ``('feed title', list of articles)``."
  161 msgstr ""
  163 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.parse_index:10
  164 msgid "Each list of articles must contain dictionaries of the form::"
  165 msgstr ""
  167 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.parse_index:23
  168 msgid "For an example, see the recipe for downloading `The Atlantic`. In addition, you can add 'author' for the author of the article."
  169 msgstr ""
  171 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.parse_index:26
  172 msgid "If you want to abort processing for some reason and have calibre show the user a simple message instead of an error, call :meth:`abort_recipe_processing`."
  173 msgstr ""
  175 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.populate_article_metadata:1
  176 msgid "Called when each HTML page belonging to article is downloaded. Intended to be used to get article metadata like author/summary/etc. from the parsed HTML (soup)."
  177 msgstr ""
  179 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.populate_article_metadata:5
  180 msgid "A object of class :class:`calibre.web.feeds.Article`. If you change the summary, remember to also change the text_summary"
  181 msgstr ""
  183 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.populate_article_metadata:7
  184 msgid "Parsed HTML belonging to this article"
  185 msgstr ""
  187 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.populate_article_metadata:8
  188 msgid "True iff the parsed HTML is the first page of the article."
  189 msgstr ""
  191 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.postprocess_book:1
  192 msgid "Run any needed post processing on the parsed downloaded e-book."
  193 msgstr ""
  195 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.postprocess_book:3
  196 msgid "An OEBBook object"
  197 msgstr ""
  199 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.postprocess_book:4
  200 msgid "Conversion options"
  201 msgstr ""
  203 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.postprocess_html:1
  204 msgid "This method is called with the source of each downloaded :term:`HTML` file, after it is parsed for links and images. It can be used to do arbitrarily powerful post-processing on the :term:`HTML`. It should return `soup` after processing it."
  205 msgstr ""
  207 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.postprocess_html:6
  208 msgid "A `BeautifulSoup <https://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/bs4/doc/>`__  instance containing the downloaded :term:`HTML`."
  209 msgstr ""
  211 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.postprocess_html:7
  212 msgid "True if this is the first page of an article."
  213 msgstr ""
  215 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.preprocess_html:1
  216 msgid "This method is called with the source of each downloaded :term:`HTML` file, before it is parsed for links and images. It is called after the cleanup as specified by remove_tags etc. It can be used to do arbitrarily powerful pre-processing on the :term:`HTML`. It should return `soup` after processing it."
  217 msgstr ""
  219 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.preprocess_html:7
  220 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.skip_ad_pages:8
  221 msgid "`soup`: A `BeautifulSoup <https://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/bs4/doc/>`__ instance containing the downloaded :term:`HTML`."
  222 msgstr ""
  224 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.preprocess_image:1
  225 msgid "Perform some processing on downloaded image data. This is called on the raw data before any resizing is done. Must return the processed raw data. Return None to skip the image."
  226 msgstr ""
  228 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.preprocess_raw_html:1
  229 msgid "This method is called with the source of each downloaded :term:`HTML` file, before it is parsed into an object tree. raw_html is a unicode string representing the raw HTML downloaded from the web. url is the URL from which the HTML was downloaded."
  230 msgstr ""
  232 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.preprocess_raw_html:6
  233 msgid "Note that this method acts *before* preprocess_regexps."
  234 msgstr ""
  236 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.preprocess_raw_html:8
  237 msgid "This method must return the processed raw_html as a unicode object."
  238 msgstr ""
  240 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.print_version:1
  241 msgid "Take a `url` pointing to the webpage with article content and return the :term:`URL` pointing to the print version of the article. By default does nothing. For example::"
  242 msgstr ""
  244 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.skip_ad_pages:1
  245 msgid "This method is called with the source of each downloaded :term:`HTML` file, before any of the cleanup attributes like remove_tags, keep_only_tags are applied. Note that preprocess_regexps will have already been applied. It is meant to allow the recipe to skip ad pages. If the soup represents an ad page, return the HTML of the real page. Otherwise return None."
  246 msgstr ""
  248 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.sort_index_by:1
  249 msgid "Convenience method to sort the titles in `index` according to `weights`. `index` is sorted in place. Returns `index`."
  250 msgstr ""
  252 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.sort_index_by:4
  253 msgid "`index`: A list of titles."
  254 msgstr ""
  256 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.sort_index_by:6
  257 msgid "`weights`: A dictionary that maps weights to titles. If any titles in index are not in weights, they are assumed to have a weight of 0."
  258 msgstr ""
  260 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.tag_to_string:1
  261 msgid "Convenience method to take a `BeautifulSoup <https://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/bs4/doc/>`_ `Tag` and extract the text from it recursively, including any CDATA sections and alt tag attributes. Return a possibly empty unicode string."
  262 msgstr ""
  264 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.tag_to_string:6
  265 msgid "`use_alt`: If `True` try to use the alt attribute for tags that don't have any textual content"
  266 msgstr ""
  268 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.tag_to_string:9
  269 msgid "`tag`: `BeautifulSoup <https://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/bs4/doc/>`_ `Tag`"
  270 msgstr ""
  272 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.articles_are_obfuscated:1
  273 msgid "Set to True and implement :meth:`get_obfuscated_article` to handle websites that try to make it difficult to scrape content."
  274 msgstr ""
  276 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.auto_cleanup:1
  277 msgid "Automatically extract all the text from downloaded article pages. Uses the algorithms from the readability project. Setting this to True, means that you do not have to worry about cleaning up the downloaded HTML manually (though manual cleanup will always be superior)."
  278 msgstr ""
  280 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.auto_cleanup_keep:1
  281 msgid "Specify elements that the auto cleanup algorithm should never remove. The syntax is a XPath expression. For example::"
  282 msgstr ""
  284 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.center_navbar:1
  285 msgid "If True the navigation bar is center aligned, otherwise it is left aligned"
  286 msgstr ""
  288 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.compress_news_images:1
  289 msgid "Set this to False to ignore all scaling and compression parameters and pass images through unmodified. If True and the other compression parameters are left at their default values, jpeg images will be scaled to fit in the screen dimensions set by the output profile and compressed to size at most (w * h)/16 where w x h are the scaled image dimensions."
  290 msgstr ""
  292 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.compress_news_images_auto_size:1
  293 msgid "The factor used when auto compressing jpeg images. If set to None, auto compression is disabled. Otherwise, the images will be reduced in size to (w * h)/compress_news_images_auto_size bytes if possible by reducing the quality level, where w x h are the image dimensions in pixels. The minimum jpeg quality will be 5/100 so it is possible this constraint will not be met.  This parameter can be overridden by the parameter compress_news_images_max_size which provides a fixed maximum size for images. Note that if you enable scale_news_images_to_device then the image will first be scaled and then its quality lowered until its size is less than (w * h)/factor where w and h are now the *scaled* image dimensions. In other words, this compression happens after scaling."
  294 msgstr ""
  296 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.compress_news_images_max_size:1
  297 msgid "Set jpeg quality so images do not exceed the size given (in KBytes). If set, this parameter overrides auto compression via compress_news_images_auto_size. The minimum jpeg quality will be 5/100 so it is possible this constraint will not be met."
  298 msgstr ""
  300 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.conversion_options:1
  301 msgid "Recipe specific options to control the conversion of the downloaded content into an e-book. These will override any user or plugin specified values, so only use if absolutely necessary. For example::"
  302 msgstr ""
  304 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.cover_margins:1
  305 msgid "By default, the cover image returned by get_cover_url() will be used as the cover for the periodical.  Overriding this in your recipe instructs calibre to render the downloaded cover into a frame whose width and height are expressed as a percentage of the downloaded cover. cover_margins = (10, 15, '#ffffff') pads the cover with a white margin 10px on the left and right, 15px on the top and bottom. Color names defined at https://www.imagemagick.org/script/color.php Note that for some reason, white does not always work in Windows. Use #ffffff instead"
  306 msgstr ""
  308 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.delay:1
  309 msgid "Delay between consecutive downloads in seconds. The argument may be a floating point number to indicate a more precise time."
  310 msgstr ""
  312 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.description:1
  313 msgid "A couple of lines that describe the content this recipe downloads. This will be used primarily in a GUI that presents a list of recipes."
  314 msgstr ""
  316 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.encoding:1
  317 msgid "Specify an override encoding for sites that have an incorrect charset specification. The most common being specifying ``latin1`` and using ``cp1252``. If None, try to detect the encoding. If it is a callable, the callable is called with two arguments: The recipe object and the source to be decoded. It must return the decoded source."
  318 msgstr ""
  320 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.extra_css:1
  321 msgid "Specify any extra :term:`CSS` that should be added to downloaded :term:`HTML` files. It will be inserted into `<style>` tags, just before the closing `</head>` tag thereby overriding all :term:`CSS` except that which is declared using the style attribute on individual :term:`HTML` tags. Note that if you want to programmatically generate the extra_css override the :meth:`get_extra_css()` method instead. For example::"
  322 msgstr ""
  324 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.feeds:1
  325 msgid "List of feeds to download. Can be either ``[url1, url2, ...]`` or ``[('title1', url1), ('title2', url2),...]``"
  326 msgstr ""
  328 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.filter_regexps:1
  329 msgid "List of regular expressions that determines which links to ignore. If empty it is ignored. Used only if is_link_wanted is not implemented. For example::"
  330 msgstr ""
  332 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.filter_regexps:7
  333 msgid "will remove all URLs that have `ads.doubleclick.net` in them."
  334 msgstr ""
  336 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.filter_regexps:9
  337 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.match_regexps:9
  338 msgid "Only one of :attr:`BasicNewsRecipe.match_regexps` or :attr:`BasicNewsRecipe.filter_regexps` should be defined."
  339 msgstr ""
  341 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.handle_gzip:1
  342 msgid "Set to True if you want to use gziped transfers. Note that some old servers flake out with this so it is off by default."
  343 msgstr ""
  345 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.ignore_duplicate_articles:1
  346 msgid "Ignore duplicates of articles that are present in more than one section. A duplicate article is an article that has the same title and/or URL. To ignore articles with the same title, set this to::"
  347 msgstr ""
  349 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.ignore_duplicate_articles:7
  350 msgid "To use URLs instead, set it to::"
  351 msgstr ""
  353 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.ignore_duplicate_articles:11
  354 msgid "To match on title or URL, set it to::"
  355 msgstr ""
  357 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.keep_only_tags:1
  358 msgid "Keep only the specified tags and their children. For the format for specifying a tag see :attr:`BasicNewsRecipe.remove_tags`. If this list is not empty, then the `<body>` tag will be emptied and re-filled with the tags that match the entries in this list. For example::"
  359 msgstr ""
  361 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.keep_only_tags:8
  362 msgid "will keep only tags that have an `id` attribute of `\"content\"` or `\"heading\"`."
  363 msgstr ""
  365 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.language:1
  366 msgid "The language that the news is in. Must be an ISO-639 code either two or three characters long"
  367 msgstr ""
  369 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.masthead_url:1
  370 msgid "By default, calibre will use a default image for the masthead (Kindle only). Override this in your recipe to provide a url to use as a masthead."
  371 msgstr ""
  373 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.match_regexps:1
  374 msgid "List of regular expressions that determines which links to follow. If empty, it is ignored. Used only if is_link_wanted is not implemented. For example::"
  375 msgstr ""
  377 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.match_regexps:7
  378 msgid "will match all URLs that have `page=some number` in them."
  379 msgstr ""
  381 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.max_articles_per_feed:1
  382 msgid "Maximum number of articles to download from each feed. This is primarily useful for feeds that don't have article dates. For most feeds, you should use :attr:`BasicNewsRecipe.oldest_article`"
  383 msgstr ""
  385 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.needs_subscription:1
  386 msgid "If True the GUI will ask the user for a username and password to use while downloading. If set to \"optional\" the use of a username and password becomes optional"
  387 msgstr ""
  389 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.no_stylesheets:1
  390 msgid "Convenient flag to disable loading of stylesheets for websites that have overly complex stylesheets unsuitable for conversion to e-book formats. If True stylesheets are not downloaded and processed"
  391 msgstr ""
  393 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.oldest_article:1
  394 msgid "Oldest article to download from this news source. In days."
  395 msgstr ""
  397 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.preprocess_regexps:1
  398 msgid "List of :term:`regexp` substitution rules to run on the downloaded :term:`HTML`. Each element of the list should be a two element tuple. The first element of the tuple should be a compiled regular expression and the second a callable that takes a single match object and returns a string to replace the match. For example::"
  399 msgstr ""
  401 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.preprocess_regexps:12
  402 msgid "will remove everything from `<!--Article ends here-->` to `</body>`."
  403 msgstr ""
  405 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.publication_type:1
  406 msgid "Publication type Set to newspaper, magazine or blog. If set to None, no publication type metadata will be written to the opf file."
  407 msgstr ""
  409 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.recipe_disabled:1
  410 msgid "Set to a non empty string to disable this recipe. The string will be used as the disabled message"
  411 msgstr ""
  413 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.recursions:1
  414 msgid "Number of levels of links to follow on article webpages"
  415 msgstr ""
  417 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.remove_attributes:1
  418 msgid "List of attributes to remove from all tags. For example::"
  419 msgstr ""
  421 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.remove_empty_feeds:1
  422 msgid "If True empty feeds are removed from the output. This option has no effect if parse_index is overridden in the sub class. It is meant only for recipes that return a list of feeds using `feeds` or :meth:`get_feeds`. It is also used if you use the ignore_duplicate_articles option."
  423 msgstr ""
  425 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.remove_javascript:1
  426 msgid "Convenient flag to strip all javascript tags from the downloaded HTML"
  427 msgstr ""
  429 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.remove_tags:1
  430 msgid "List of tags to be removed. Specified tags are removed from downloaded HTML. A tag is specified as a dictionary of the form::"
  431 msgstr ""
  433 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.remove_tags:9
  434 msgid "All keys are optional. For a full explanation of the search criteria, see `Beautiful Soup <https://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/bs4/doc/#searching-the-tree>`__ A common example::"
  435 msgstr ""
  437 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.remove_tags:15
  438 msgid "This will remove all `<div class=\"advert\">` tags and all their children from the downloaded :term:`HTML`."
  439 msgstr ""
  441 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.remove_tags_after:1
  442 msgid "Remove all tags that occur after the specified tag. For the format for specifying a tag see :attr:`BasicNewsRecipe.remove_tags`. For example::"
  443 msgstr ""
  445 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.remove_tags_after:7
  446 msgid "will remove all tags after the first element with `id=\"content\"`."
  447 msgstr ""
  449 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.remove_tags_before:1
  450 msgid "Remove all tags that occur before the specified tag. For the format for specifying a tag see :attr:`BasicNewsRecipe.remove_tags`. For example::"
  451 msgstr ""
  453 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.remove_tags_before:7
  454 msgid "will remove all tags before the first element with `id=\"content\"`."
  455 msgstr ""
  457 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.requires_version:1
  458 msgid "Minimum calibre version needed to use this recipe"
  459 msgstr ""
  461 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.resolve_internal_links:1
  462 msgid "If set to True then links in downloaded articles that point to other downloaded articles are changed to point to the downloaded copy of the article rather than its original web URL. If you set this to True, you might also need to implement :meth:`canonicalize_internal_url` to work with the URL scheme of your particular website."
  463 msgstr ""
  465 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.reverse_article_order:1
  466 msgid "Reverse the order of articles in each feed"
  467 msgstr ""
  469 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.scale_news_images:1
  470 msgid "Maximum dimensions (w,h) to scale images to. If scale_news_images_to_device is True this is set to the device screen dimensions set by the output profile unless there is no profile set, in which case it is left at whatever value it has been assigned (default None)."
  471 msgstr ""
  473 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.scale_news_images_to_device:1
  474 msgid "Rescale images to fit in the device screen dimensions set by the output profile. Ignored if no output profile is set."
  475 msgstr ""
  477 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.simultaneous_downloads:1
  478 msgid "Number of simultaneous downloads. Set to 1 if the server is picky. Automatically reduced to 1 if :attr:`BasicNewsRecipe.delay` > 0"
  479 msgstr ""
  481 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.summary_length:1
  482 msgid "Max number of characters in the short description"
  483 msgstr ""
  485 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.template_css:1
  486 msgid "The CSS that is used to style the templates, i.e., the navigation bars and the Tables of Contents. Rather than overriding this variable, you should use `extra_css` in your recipe to customize look and feel."
  487 msgstr ""
  489 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.timefmt:1
  490 msgid "The format string for the date shown on the first page. By default: Day_Name, Day_Number Month_Name Year"
  491 msgstr ""
  493 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.timeout:1
  494 msgid "Timeout for fetching files from server in seconds"
  495 msgstr ""
  497 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.title:1
  498 msgid "The title to use for the e-book"
  499 msgstr ""
  501 #: ../../home/kovid/work/calibre/src/calibre/web/feeds/news.py:docstring of calibre.web.feeds.news.BasicNewsRecipe.use_embedded_content:1
  502 msgid "Normally we try to guess if a feed has full articles embedded in it based on the length of the embedded content. If `None`, then the default guessing is used. If `True` then the we always assume the feeds has embedded content and if `False` we always assume the feed does not have embedded content."
  503 msgstr ""