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    1 Repeat
    2 ======
    4 Repeat an event or an appointment.
    6 You must first select the item to be repeated by moving inside the appointment
    7 panel. Then running the repeat command will lead you to a set of three
    8 questions, with which you will be able to specify the repetition
    9 characteristics:
   11   o        type: you can choose between a daily, weekly, monthly or
   12                  yearly repetition by pressing 'D', 'W', 'M' or 'Y'
   13                  respectively.
   15   o   frequency: this indicates how often the item shall be repeated.
   16                  For example, if you want to remember an anniversary,
   17                  choose a 'yearly' repetition with a frequency of '1',
   18                  which means it must be repeated every year. Another
   19                  example: if you go to the restaurant every two days,
   20                  choose a 'daily' repetition with a frequency of '2'.
   22   o ending date: this specifies when to stop repeating the selected
   23                  event or appointment. To indicate an endless 
   24                  repetition, enter '0' and the item will be repeated
   25                  forever.
   27 Notes
   28 -----
   30 * Repeated items are marked with an '*' inside the appointment panel, to be
   31   easily recognizable from non-repeated ones.
   33 * The 'Repeat' and 'Delete' command can be mixed to create complicated
   34   configurations, as it is possible to delete only one occurrence of a repeated
   35   item.