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    1 ViewNote
    2 ========
    4 View a note which was previously attached to an item (an item which owns a note
    5 has a '>' sign in front of it).
    7 This command only permits to view the note, not to edit it (to do so, use the
    8 'EditNote' command).
   10 Once you highlighted an item with a note attached to it, and the view note key
   11 was pressed, you will be driven to an external pager to view that note. The
   12 default pager is chosen the following way:
   14 * If the 'PAGER' environment variable is set, then this will be the default
   15   viewer to be called.
   17 * If the above environment variable is not set, then '/usr/bin/less' will be
   18   used.
   20 As for editing a note, quit the pager and you will be driven back to calcurse.