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    1 Config
    2 ======
    4 Open the configuration submenu. From this submenu, you can select between
    5 color, layout, notification and general options, and you can also configure
    6 your key bindings.
    8 The color submenu lets you choose the color theme.
   10 The layout submenu lets you choose the calcurse screen layout, in other words
   11 where to place the three different panels on the screen.
   13 The general options submenu brings a screen with the different options which
   14 modifies the way calcurse interacts with the user.
   16 The notify submenu allows you to change the notify-bar settings.
   18 The keys submenu lets you define your own key bindings.
   20 Do not forget to save the calendar data to retrieve your configuration next
   21 time you launch calcurse.