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bup-drecurse - recursively list files in your filesystem


bup drecurse [-x] [-q] [--exclude path]  [--exclude-from filename] [--exclude-rx pattern]  [--exclude-rx-from filename] [--profile] <path>


bup drecurse traverses files in the filesystem in a way similar to find(1). In most cases, you should use find(1) instead.

This program is useful mainly for testing the file traversal algorithm used in bup-index(1).

Note that filenames are returned in reverse alphabetical order, as in bup-index(1). This is important because you can’t generate the hash of a parent directory until you have generated the hashes of all its children. When listing files in reverse order, the parent directory will come after its children, making this easy.


-x, --xdev, --one-file-system
don’t cross filesystem boundaries – though as with tar and rsync, the mount points themselves will still be reported.
-q, --quiet
don’t print filenames as they are encountered. Useful when testing performance of the traversal algorithms.
exclude path from the backup (may be repeated).
read –exclude paths from filename, one path per-line (may be repeated). Ignore completely empty lines.
exclude any path matching pattern. See bup-index(1) for details, but note that unlike index, drecurse will produce relative paths if the drecurse target is a relative path. (may be repeated).
read –exclude-rx patterns from filename, one pattern per-line (may be repeated). Ignore completely empty lines.
print profiling information upon completion. Useful when testing performance of the traversal algorithms.


bup drecurse -x /




Part of the bup(1) suite.