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    1 Buildbot 0.6.4 was released 28 Apr 2005
    3 ** major bugs fixed
    5 The 'buildbot' tool in 0.6.3, when used to create a new buildmaster, failed
    6 unless it found a 'changes.pck' file. As this file is created by a running
    7 buildmaster, this made 0.6.3 completely unusable for first-time
    8 installations. This has been fixed.
   10 ** minor bugs fixed
   12 The IRC bot had a bug wherein asking it to watch a certain builder (the "I'll
   13 give a shout when the build finishes" message) would cause an exception, so
   14 it would not, in fact, shout. The HTML page had an exception in the "change
   15 sources" page (reached by following the "Changes" link at the top of the
   16 column that shows the names of commiters). Re-loading the config file while
   17 builders were already attached would result in a benign error message. The
   18 server side of the PBListener status client had an exception when providing
   19 information about a non-existent Build (e.g., when the client asks for the
   20 Build that is currently running, and the server says "None").
   22 These bugs have all been fixed.
   24 The unit tests now pass under python2.2; they were failing before because of
   25 some 2.3isms that crept in. More unit tests which failed under windows now
   26 pass, only one (test_webPathname_port) is still failing.
   28 ** 'buildbot' tool looks for a .buildbot/options file
   30 The 'statusgui' and the 'debugclient' subcommands can both look for a
   31 .buildbot/ directory, and an 'options' file therein, to extract default
   32 values for the location of the buildmaster. This directory is searched in the
   33 current directory, its parent, etc, all the way up to the filesystem root
   34 (assuming you own the directories in question). It also look in ~/.buildbot/
   35 for this file. This feature allows you to put a .buildbot at the top of your
   36 working tree, telling any 'buildbot' invocations you perform therein how to
   37 get to the buildmaster associated with that tree's project.
   39 Windows users get something similar, using %APPDATA%/buildbot instead of
   40 ~/.buildbot .
   42 ** windows ShellCommands are launched with 'cmd.exe'
   44 The buildslave has been modified to run all list-based ShellCommands by
   45 prepending [os.environ['COMSPEC'], '/c'] to the argv list before execution.
   46 This should allow the buildslave's PATH to be searched for commands,
   47 improving the chances that it can run the same 'trial -o foo' commands as a
   48 unix buildslave. The potential downside is that spaces in argv elements might
   49 be re-parsed, or quotes might be re-interpreted. The consensus on the mailing
   50 list was that this is a useful thing to do, but please report any problems
   51 you encounter with it.
   53 ** minor features
   55 The Waterfall display now shows the buildbot's home timezone at the top of
   56 the timestamp column. The default favicon.ico is now much nicer-looking (it
   57 is generated with Blender.. the icon.blend file is available in CVS in
   58 docs/images/ should you care to play with it).